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Professional Counseling Services for Children, Teens, Adults and Couples

Are You Ready to Take Happiness Back Into Your Own Hands?

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we may have expected. At some point all of us come up against a situation we are not quite prepared to handle. Navigating the twists, turns, and challenges life throws our way can leave even the most grounded person feeling overwhelmed. Whether you are concerned about your child or teen, struggling in your relationship, or simply need personal support, counseling can help you effectively navigate the maze of difficult feelings and intense emotions you may find yourself stuck in.  Together we can meet the challenges and bring real change to your life.

Even on the best of days, parenting can be a journey of ups and downs. The simple truth is children and teens don’t have the same range of emotions as adults. Sadness, depression, anxiety, or grief often expressed in other ways. For instance, a sad or depressed child may express themselves through anger or frustration. Alternately, an anxious child may appear overly shy or withdrawn. By creating a warm, engaging counseling setting where children and teens can feel comfortable, we help them become in tune with these difficult feelings and learn to better express themselves.

On the other hand, if the daily stresses of career, family, or other concerns on your relationship are secondary to the pressure of raising a special needs child, through counseling we can support you in developing the skills and tools that will help you better cope. Your unique situation adds a layer of complexity to both your relationship and the demands placed on as parents. Working together, we can develop a plan for addressing the demands of your relationship, your parenting strategy, and the needs of your child to help you stabilize family relationships, enhance communication and get more enjoyment out of your daily life.

As individuals, we are often our own worst critics. Sometimes all it takes is an unbiased listener that will work to understand your needs and desires and help you to achieve positive, long lasting results. Whether you have work-life concerns, suffered abuse, depression, anxiety, mental illness, grief, or simply need help getting back on track, we can help you get started in a new direction and regain the joy in your life.

As adults in committed relationships, we sometimes have just as much difficulty expressing ourselves as children do, particularly in the context of our relationships. There are a host of reasons couples may find themselves at a crossroads. It may be a matter of trust, miscommunication, or possibly respect. There could be issues around money, parenting, sex, boundaries, fidelity or just plain not having your needs met. As trained Gottman Couples Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy counselors we can help you find your way out of the circle of hurt and disillusionment and get you back on a path toward healing, intimacy, and growth.

With counseling support, you can manage this challenging time with compassion, hope, and ease. We invite you to call or email our office to discuss your specific needs, to answer any questions you have about our practice, and the counseling services we offer.

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