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What do Pulling Weeds and Therapy have in Common?

I like to bring metaphors into therapy. It is often helpful to relate a client's internal emotions to tangible things that are known concretely. My family was pulling weeds in ...

When Your Therapist Sucks

I have this theory about why people enjoy Chick-fil-A so much.  It isn’t the food, albeit it is tasty.  It deals with the one thing I’ve never experienced in a ...
3 Steps in Selecting a Counselor, Amy Wine Counseling, Cypress, TX

3 Steps in Selecting a Counselor

You’re are at a point in your life where you realize you need help. Things are out of control, you’ve lost your happiness and life just doesn’t seem fulfilled anymore. ...
The Benefits of Journaling

The Benefits of Journaling

Journaling is a therapeutic tool or strategy prescribed by many therapists to help people who may be struggling with a variety of life issues. Reflection through journaling may help to ...
3 Benefits of Men Going to Therapy, Amy Wine Counseling, Cypress, TX

3 Benefits of Men Going to Therapy

For this blog I want to talk to the men, my apologies to the women, please feel free to pass along the info in this blog to the important men ...

What’s an Intern Looking for in a Supervisor?

You have spent years in graduate school, hours of studying, and have passed all your exams. Now you are ready to step out of the student role and into a ...
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