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I like to bring metaphors into therapy. It is often helpful to relate a client’s internal emotions to tangible things that are known concretely. My family was pulling weeds in our backyard and I got to thinking. The work of getting rid of the weeds is a lot like tending to ourselves in therapy.  3 […]

What do Pulling Weeds and Therapy have in Common?

I have this theory about why people enjoy Chick-fil-A so much.  It isn’t the food, albeit it is tasty.  It deals with the one thing I’ve never experienced in a CFA restaurant: bad customer service. I’m greeted with a smile when I walk in the door, the cashiers are always friendly, and workers even stop […]

When Your Therapist Sucks

Teen Counseling

You’re are at a point in your life where you realize you need help. Things are out of control, you’ve lost your happiness and life just doesn’t seem fulfilled anymore. You’ve heard about people going to counseling and working with a professional on life struggles, issues and stressors. You want help, but not sure about […]

3 Steps in Selecting a Counselor

Couples Counseling

3 Steps in Selecting a Counselor, Amy Wine Counseling, Cypress, TX

Journaling is a therapeutic tool or strategy prescribed by many therapists to help people who may be struggling with a variety of life issues. Reflection through journaling may help to alleviate or minimize some of the symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. Get To Know You Sometimes we go through different emotions without […]

The Benefits of Journaling


The Benefits of Journaling

You have spent years in graduate school, hours of studying, and have passed all your exams. Now you are ready to step out of the student role and into a counseling professional role in the community. Just one thing. In the state of Texas, to get your LPC-Intern license you need a LPC-Supervisor who will […]

What’s an Intern Looking for in a Supervisor?

Adult Counseling