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 As children we are taught how to be kind to others, respect others, love others. However, very rarely are we taught how to be kind to ourselves, respect ourselves, love ourselves. When life gets tough, it is easy to be harsh with ourselves. However, it takes an act of courage to love yourself. Struggling with […]

How to Love Yourself (when struggling with mental illness)

Years ago I heard an analogy that has stuck with me.  We are all buckets, containers in which water can be put into.  As we move through life, our buckets get little holes and the water begins to seep out.  This is normal as we experience the stressors of school, jobs, relationships, and other problems […]

8 Strategies to Show Yourself Some Love: Learning the Art of Self-Care as a Teenager


Typical Email Exchange: “How’s your day going love?”  “It’s going, you?”  “Same, I miss you.”  “Miss you too, what are dinner plans?”  The above is pretty much a copy/paste from regular interactions with my spouse. Nothing negative, and it helps me feel connected, but I know that I sometimes miss things that happen because of […]

“How’s Your Day Going?” – How to Connect with your Partner

Couples Counseling

We are getting into holiday season! Enter in the excited butterflies and overall groans as we wince under the weight of additional responsibilities. Kids activities, spouse holiday parties, crunching more work into less hours, combine all of that and our plates get full to overflowing and not just at Thanksgiving. We stretch ourselves thin trying […]

Turning Our “Yes” Into a “Hell, Yes” by Saying it Less Often

Adult Counseling

You walk into my office thinking I’m the expert. You glance at my diplomas, license, and certificates. While yes, I am the therapist; you are the expert of your own life.  My job is to facilitate awareness as we dismantle mistaken beliefs you’ve developed, to empower you to gain control over your life, and to […]

An Open Letter to My Psychotherapy Clients

Couples Counseling

Social support can be described as the physical and emotional comfort we receive through social ties to others, such as family, friends, co-workers, etc.  It’s the love and acceptance we feel from belonging to a community of people who care about us. Social support is imperative to your overall health and wellbeing.   Types of Social […]

Social Support: How Important is it to Your Overall Health and Wellbeing?

Women's Issues

Individuals have many needs- both physical, emotional, and spiritual. The focus of this series will take a quick dive into the nine different emotional needs. When someone is suffering, we can often take a glance at their emotional needs. As a next step, work toward fulfilling those needs that might not be satisfied. Thankfully there […]

You’ve Got This: Fulfilling Your Unsatisfied Emotional Needs

Adult Counseling

What is a Pyramid of Needs? Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is typically one of the first things taught in Psychology 101 courses. Have you seen his pyramid of needs before? It starts with physiological needs at the bottom, and at the apex of the pyramid is self-actualization. In between these two ends is the place […]

Physical Needs and Emotional Needs

Couples Counseling

Your alarm clock goes off in the morning after a night of restless tossing and turning. You slowly get out of bed and feel “off”. Showering is exhausting, and getting dressed takes so much energy that you’re ready to crawl right back into bed. You think to yourself – “why bother? Nobody is going to […]

When the Outside Doesn’t Match the Inside: Part Two

Women's Issues

When the outside doesn't match the inside

When we think of self-care, the most obvious thing to consider is if you are eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep.  Although this is very important to overall self-care, there are several other areas of your life to consider as well. Just like when you are flying on an airplane and it is suggested […]

5 Things to Consider When Assessing Your Self-Care

Adult Counseling