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Uncomfortable emotions and/or a general lack of skill to put thoughts and feelings into perspective- let alone words- often get in the way of communicating effectively. DBT Skill: DEAR MAN teaches how to communicate effectively. These skills may be used to communicate wants/needs, as well as set boundaries to safeguard relationships.  As you practice implementing […]

How To: Use DBT Skill: DEAR MAN to Communicate Effectively

Holidays Can Work with an Interfaith Couple The holidays are a wonderful time of celebration, giving, and spending time with family. However, for some they’re also a time of great stress; especially when you don’t see eye-to-eye with your and you practice a different set of beliefs all together. Being an interfaith couple already presents […]

Celebrating the Holidays as an Interfaith Couple

Christian Counseling

I recently posted “Part 1” exploring why you should practice gratitude every day, every moment – not just on Thanksgiving. Here are some signs you need to make gratitude a habit –  You can more easily recall the things your partner has done that upset you than the things your partner does that you appreciate. […]

Why “Thankful Season” Should Last All Year Long in Your Relationship: Part 2

Adult Counseling

Shirley Glass and Jean Coppock Staeheli, in their book Not “Just Friends”: Rebuilding Trust and Recovering Your Sanity After Infidelity, reference how affairs occur to relationships that seem apparently solid by illustrating relationship “walls and windows”. If we can think of a marriage as a house, and two committed partners in separate rooms of the […]

The Affair Series: The Windows and Walls of Affair Relationships

Couples Counseling

You Are Not Alone September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Initially, you may appreciate the statistics and the acknowledgment. When the month ends, though, you may feel complete invalidation. No amount of awareness can ever yield justice for who you were robbed of. Nothing can keep the endless, ignorant suicide comments at bay. You likely […]

To those who have lost someone to suicide,

Adult Counseling

Social support can be described as the physical and emotional comfort we receive through social ties to others, such as family, friends, co-workers, etc.  It’s the love and acceptance we feel from belonging to a community of people who care about us. Social support is imperative to your overall health and wellbeing.   Types of Social […]

Social Support: How Important is it to Your Overall Health and Wellbeing?

Women's Issues

Is the Honeymoon Period a Real Thing? The biggest early obstacle to any relationship is one that few ever see coming: the dreaded end of the Honeymoon Period. The initial magic starts to fade, the rush you got when your partner entered the room disappears, and everything just seems less exciting. When you’re caught up […]

Relationship-ocalypse: How To Be a “Honeymoon Period” Survivor

Sex Therapy

One big factor that drives couples to seek counseling is the disappointment they feel in how their relationship has developed over the years. They enter the relationship with certain expectations and goals in mind. As they find themselves drifting farther away from what they believed the relationship would be like, a sense of frustration arises. […]

Myth-Busters: Relationships Edition

Couples Counseling

“I feel so disconnected from my partner.” “We have different lives, like passing ships.” “It’s like we’re not even married anymore; we’re just roommates.” I hear these difficult words all too frequently in my work with couples. It is heart-breaking to realize the distance that has grown in your relationship after going through so much […]

From Roommates to Reconnection

Marriage Counseling

If you are new to this blog, we are following along what Philip J. Guerin, Jr. Leo F. Fay, Susan L. Burden, and Judith Gilbert Kautto wrote about in The Evaluation and Treatment of Marital Conflict. Family system factors, marital dyad factors, and triangle factors that impact marital conflict have been addressed in my previous […]

Evaluation in Marital Therapy: Individual Factors

Couples Counseling