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Now that the holidays are in full swing, everyone is definitely feeling a little more festive, merrier, and happier. Let’s be honest, it’s a LOT easier to show gratitude and appreciation during this time of year, right? (It’s OK – a lot of people feel the same way!) What I want to talk to you […]

‘Tis Always the Season to be Grateful

If you stop for a moment and take a good look at the relationship you have with your partner, are you connecting on a deep and intimate level?  Or do you find that over time, you’ve grown apart?   This happens often in long term relationships.  Marriage, careers, kids, activities, laundry, bills… before you know it […]

How to Deepen Your Relationship, Part I

Couples Counseling

Sometimes we plead, shout, demand, and cause a complete ruckus to get our husbands to help us. Then, when they kindly (or begrudgingly oblige) we smack them between the eyes with our disappointment and criticism because it wasn’t done “our way!”  Basically, we are stating, “I’m not a control freak…. but let me show you […]

I’m Not a Control Freak, Am I?

Adult Counseling

I'm Not a Control Freak Am I? Amy Wine counseling, Cypress TX