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How Much Is Your Marriage Worth?

$33,391 Is that how much a down payment on a house costs? What about the cost of a new vehicle? Nope. It’s the average amount of money spent by American ...

Silence is (Not Always) Golden

  80% of my job is to listen well.  Listening involves being silent and it is one of the best tools to implement in any relationship, especially your marriage.  There’s ...
Dating and Thinking About Getting Married? Ask Yourself These Questions First!

Dating and Thinking About Getting Married? Ask Yourself These Questions First!

‘Hypothetical’ conversation: Me: So, you’re thinking about getting married? Person: Yes! They are the one! Me: How do you know they’re the one? Person: I just feel it. Me: What ...
3 Benefits of Men Going to Therapy, Amy Wine Counseling, Cypress, TX

3 Benefits of Men Going to Therapy

For this blog I want to talk to the men, my apologies to the women, please feel free to pass along the info in this blog to the important men ...

More Love: Building Love Maps

This month’s Love Series will help you with rediscovering love through a fun activity called Love Maps! Celebrating Valentine’s Day “right” is a source of stress for many couples. A ...

More Love: Accepting Influence

Think about the first big argument with your spouse.  Can you even remember?  Thinking back, was it absurd?  I’m going to quickly share mine, trusting you are not going to ...

More Love: Marriage Reboot

Twenty-two. That’s how many years of marriage I have under my belt. I met my husband while I was a senior in high school. I can remember the day we ...

Fondness and Admiration

Although the holidays are over, we may be still riding the high of a new closeness that developed throughout the season towards our spouse. Whether it’s a grand gesture of ...
Fight fair, couples, marriage

Marriage Shouldn’t Be Fair

All you have to do to ruin your marriage is play fair. I have three kids. – I know this post is supposed to be about marriage, just hang with ...

5 Signs You’re Gonna Make It

As a couple’s therapist, one of the most difficult questions I am asked is “Are we going to make it?”. The beauty of relationships, and the reason this specific area ...
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