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This month’s Love Series will help you with rediscovering love through a fun activity called Love Maps! Celebrating Valentine’s Day “right” is a source of stress for many couples. A deluge of advertisements pours down on us, beginning weeks before the holiday. All of this marketing has made us feel that we suddenly need to […]

More Love: Building Love Maps

Although the holidays are over, we may be still riding the high of a new closeness that developed throughout the season towards our spouse. Whether it’s a grand gesture of taking care of the kids and doing chores around the house, or small tokens like preparing your lunch for you and even listening to you […]

Fondness and Admiration

Teen Counseling

Be careful who you ask to define the Golden Rule. You might hear, “The person with the gold makes the rules!”.  Any smart husband or wife would never define it as such, so let’s go with the more universal (and reasonable) definition of: “treat others how you want to be treated”.  This is a good […]

The Platinum Rule


It can take a long time to find the right fit as a client looking for a counselor. Counseling is at its core a relationship, and individuals want to have relationships with those that they feel understand them. A big part of finding the right fit is finding a counselor to connect with on a […]

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