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A couple months ago I shared a post on my Instagram (@realtalkandrainbowscounseling – you should follow me!) about bringing my toddler in to my own therapist to help us both deal with his new found desire for shrieking, because therapists need therapists as well! Update, 2.5 months later… it is still his favorite sound.  Two […]

When Your Toddler’s Big Emotions Give You Big Emotions!

“Many believe parenting is about controlling children’s behavior and training them to act like adults. I believe that parenting is about controlling my own behavior and acting like an adult myself. Children learn what they live and live what they learn.” – L.R. Knost Safe Sanctuary Your stories have filled the therapy room with tears, […]

A Letter to My Clients That Are Mothers

Women's Issues

Dear Mama, So, no one told you life would be this…wait. Let me restart. So, you became a mother? Perhaps while preparing for motherhood, you relished in anticipation of raising a little one or ones. Dreamt about attending mommy-and-me classes, playdates, museums, library story times, etc. Perhaps, you imagined endless cuddles. What did not come […]

Dear Mama: A Letter of Recognition & Encouragement

Women's Issues

When it came time to write this article, my partner asked me what felt alive for me in life at the moment. My response? “Sleep!” Sleep and other forms of self care can be extremely difficult and feel impossible to achieve sometimes, especially as a parent. We don’t have the luxury of sleeping in, or […]

Self Care in 5 Minutes or Less for the Busy Mom