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My LPC Supervisor (shoutout Megan Garzaglass woohoo you’re amazing!) encourages me to no end. She likes to remind me about that popular story about how the honey bee aerodynamically should not be able to fly. It does anyway because it doesn’t care about what humans deem impossible. Apparently, some researchers say that this is a […]

A Lesson From the Honeybee: Working with What You’ve Got

Mental health is an increasingly relevant topic. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), one in five American adults experience a mental health issue in their life time. Moreover, additional sources note that in a yearly period, one in 10 young adults experience a period of major depression and one in 25 Americans […]

The Gradual Normalization of Mental Health

Mental Health

You feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster – instead it’s going in slow motion, the lows are REALLY low, and the highs…MAN are they exhilarating. The Bipolar High! During those highs, you have so much energy. Even with little to no sleep, you feel like you can tackle anything and everything. You seek […]

When the Outside Doesn’t Match the Inside: Bipolar Disorder

Childrens Counseling

When the outside doesn't match the inside

Have you ever had the opportunity to enjoy an inspirational movie, and it just lit up your world?  I oftentimes find myself choosing movies with themes that mirror my current situation or problem. It’s almost like the characters in the movie take on the role of the person or condition that challenge me, or subjects […]

Cinema Therapy

Adult Counseling

Understanding 3 common symptoms of PTSD We often associate PTSD with war and soldiers in today’s society. However, anyone who has experience trauma in their life can have PTSD. What is PTSD? Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can occur after someone goes through, or witnesses, a traumatic event. A traumatic event is defined as a deeply […]

When Trauma Decides to Stay

Men's Issues

Recently, I was shocked to hear about the passing of one of my favorite designers, Kate Spade. To me, she had it all going for her. Her purses and clothing continually exuded this idea of confidence, happiness, and class. Seeing the bright colors, funky patterns, or even just the glitter on some of her pieces […]

Masking Mental Illness

Teen Counseling