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3 Benefits of Men Going to Therapy, Amy Wine Counseling, Cypress, TX

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For this blog I want to talk to the men, my apologies to the women, please feel free to pass along the info in this blog to the important men in your life. With that intro out of the way, let’s get straight to the point. I want to propose the question “How can therapy […]

3 Benefits of Men Going to Therapy

Every couple struggles with sex at some point in their relationship. To begin, differences in how often you want sex or what type of things you prefer doing can separate partners. This separation leads to feelings of loneliness, a lack of connection, or loss of intimacy. Sex ultimately becomes unsatisfying, or stops altogether. Furthermore, each […]

Is Sex Therapy for Me? 5 Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Couples Counseling

Is Sex Therapy for Me? 5 Answers to Commonly Asked Questions, Amy Wine Counseling, Cypress, TX

  Is your marriage lacking intimacy? Has the affection gone from your relationship? As a marriage therapist, this is one of the primary complaints that has brought many of my clients to my office. Although the first (and most obvious) sign that things have cooled between the two of you is a lack of sex […]

Restore Intimacy in 4 Steps

Couples Counseling

Although the holidays are over, we may be still riding the high of a new closeness that developed throughout the season towards our spouse. Whether it’s a grand gesture of taking care of the kids and doing chores around the house, or small tokens like preparing your lunch for you and even listening to you […]

Fondness and Admiration

Teen Counseling

As a couple’s therapist, one of the most difficult questions I am asked is “Are we going to make it?”. The beauty of relationships, and the reason this specific area of counseling intrigued me, are the countless variations of dynamics within interpersonal relationships. While relationship patterns – both healthy and unhealthy – exist, every relationship […]

5 Signs You’re Gonna Make It

Couples Counseling

The game of love is tough. Two different players, with different strengths and different skill sets. In a relationship, sometimes it can feel like your teammate is your opponent, which makes teamwork close to impossible. The problem with couples who experience this is oftentimes the “I’m right, you’re wrong” mentality. If you want to win […]

Let’s Play a Love Game

Couples Counseling

In my most recent blog, I discussed what boundaries are and shared some examples of different types.  In this blog, I would like to provide a few brief examples of what effective boundaries can look like vs. ones that don’t work.  I will also share a list of warning signs to be aware of that […]

Boundaries: Part Two

Women's Issues

I am excited to start some dialogue regarding explanation of the LGBTQIA+ community. We can all be a part of personal advocacy. For what seems like most of the nation, these labels cause concern, discomfort and prejudice; we know that new terms and ideals promote this undesirable fear. So, I seek to explain these terms […]

The “Q” Near You

Women's Issues

Have you ever wondered what makes each of us so different and unique?  Is there a person you admire because they always seem to maintain healthy friendships and work-life balance?  If you have ever been in a counseling setting, or known anyone who has been, than you know the answer to both of those questions […]

Talkin About The “B” Word – Boundaries

Women's Issues

Fence providing boundaries

The struggle is real As a working mom, I will be the first to tell you that we do NOT have it easy.  But let’s be real: neither do working dads! (Sidenote: I will most likely continue using the phrase working mom, because I myself am a working mom and it’s easier. That doesn’t mean […]

I Can’t Believe You’re a Working Mom!

Women's Issues