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Ways to Deepen Your Relationship Part 2

It is amazing how a couple can go from a loving, respectful, deep connection with their partner to living like two strangers in the same house.  Is this what has ...

Relationship-ocalypse: How To Be a “Honeymoon Period” Survivor

Is the Honeymoon Period a Real Thing? The biggest early obstacle to any relationship is one that few ever see coming: the dreaded end of the Honeymoon Period. The initial ...

Being Together While Apart: Making Long-Distance Marriage Work

Marriage is a challenging journey all on its own. When you add long-distance into the mix, you may find yourself up against some real "make it or break it" scenarios. ...

How to Survive Becoming an Empty Nester

Part 2:  Thriving vs. Surviving the Empty Nest The tough part of becoming an empty nester is over!  You have already taken a ride on that not so fun emotional ...

The Art of Good Sex

“We’re just not sexually compatible.” “Our bedroom life is boring.” “I don’t enjoy making love anymore.” These are words I have heard spoken in a session with couples. Here’s the ...

Is Your Relationship Toxic?

Things are bad. You’re dissatisfied. You want connection, but they seem to not care as much. You have been unhappy for a while. Are these telltale signs you are in ...

It’s Not Your Job to Make Your Spouse Happy

I am going to tell you something about making your spouse happy that I wish you heard a long time ago.  It might sound ludicrous, but hang in there with ...

Postpartum Depression: How A Husband Can Help

Police found the lifeless body of 28-year-old mother, Elizabeth Davis, in a creek on Thursday, July 19th. Elizabeth, or Libby, was a special education teacher in Plano, TX. She suffered ...

How Much Is Your Marriage Worth?

$33,391 Is that how much a down payment on a house costs? What about the cost of a new vehicle? Nope. It’s the average amount of money spent by American ...

How to Let Go of Being Right

Do you or your spouse always feel the need to be right?  Do either of you need to have the last word during a conflict or get frustrated when the ...
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