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‘Tis Always the Season to be Grateful

Now that the holidays are in full swing, everyone is definitely feeling a little more festive, merrier, and happier. Let’s be honest, it’s a LOT easier to show gratitude and ...

Ways to Deepen Your Relationship Part 2

It is amazing how a couple can go from a loving, respectful, deep connection with their partner to living like two strangers in the same house.  Is this what has ...

How to Deepen Your Relationship, Part I

If you stop for a moment and take a good look at the relationship you have with your partner, are you connecting on a deep and intimate level?  Or do ...

Why “Thankful Season” Should Last All Year Long in Your Relationship

Gratitude It’s thankful season! Each year, we gather around and one-by-one share what we’re grateful for. We likely put more thought into what we appreciate on that one day than ...

It’s Not Your Job to Make Your Spouse Happy

I am going to tell you something about making your spouse happy that I wish you heard a long time ago.  It might sound ludicrous, but hang in there with ...
Dating and Thinking About Getting Married? Ask Yourself These Questions First!

Dating and Thinking About Getting Married? Ask Yourself These Questions First!

‘Hypothetical’ conversation: Me: So, you’re thinking about getting married? Person: Yes! They are the one! Me: How do you know they’re the one? Person: I just feel it. Me: What ...
couples, quick intimacy

Quick Intimacy

Let’s be honest, if left unchecked, marriage can become monotonous.  Intimacy decreases as individuals have their daily routines. Spouses can get used to using the same old surface level questions; ...

Let’s Play a Love Game

The game of love is tough. Two different players, with different strengths and different skill sets. In a relationship, sometimes it can feel like your teammate is your opponent, which ...

Unhappy Wife? Let Me Help.

There’s a hilarious video that’s been floating around YouTube for a number of years now.  It’s titled, “It’s Not About the Nail” and it’s certainly worth your one minute and ...
Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling: Shattering the Stigma

As a therapist, I am well aware of the stigma that comes along with seeking counseling or therapy. I think one reservation about premarital counseling is the fear that if you ...
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