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Death and loss are inevitable. They’re the most sure things about life. For some reason, though, we can get weird around the topic of death. Society has a few blanket statements to say, but are those actually helpful? Some of those well intended but ignorant things can be pretty damaging. Grief is a confusing emotion. […]

How to Talk to Someone That is Grieving

When you think of grief, it is likely what comes to mind is bereavement and grief after someone passes away. Grieving is something much deeper and wider than only applying to the loss of a loved one. Grief is a loss — a loss of any kind. Grief Comes in Many Forms: Expectations, dreams, and […]

Grieving Unmet Expectations

Women's Issues

I recently had the experience of assisting a friend and her family who basically lost all of their physical possessions during the massive flooding brought to us by Hurricane Harvey.  During this process, my friend asked me if I thought it was okay that she was completely devastated by the loss of her home (and […]

Hurricane Harvey: The Grief Storm

Women's Issues

grief, loss, hurricane harvey

Everyone in Southeast Texas, I mean EVERYONE, has been effected in some way by Hurricane Harvey.  Now it is time to start over; pick up the pieces.  And by now, we have all realized that this is going to take a while to rebuild.  Just like any marathon, it is exhausting, it is taking all […]

Hurricane Harvey: Becoming Resilient

Women's Issues

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