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My Child is Gay… Now What?

Gay. Lesbian. Bisexual. Queer. Pansexual. You are probably familiar with these words as they are becoming more common in mainstream society. But if you or someone you love doesn't identify ...

What does transgender mean?

Understanding transgender youth is an important part of understanding the complexities of human nature. This blog is for you if you have a child who is exploring their gender. It ...

More Love: Open Relationships

As we are in the month of love, I want to talk about all different types of intimate relationships. There are couples, “throuples”, “situationships”, partners and open relationships becoming popular ...

More Love: Marriage Reboot

Twenty-two. That’s how many years of marriage I have under my belt. I met my husband while I was a senior in high school. I can remember the day we ...

5 Signs You’re Gonna Make It

As a couple’s therapist, one of the most difficult questions I am asked is “Are we going to make it?”. The beauty of relationships, and the reason this specific area ...

The Platinum Rule

Be careful who you ask to define the Golden Rule. You might hear, “The person with the gold makes the rules!”.  Any smart husband or wife would never define it ...
couples, quick intimacy

Quick Intimacy

Let’s be honest, if left unchecked, marriage can become monotonous.  Intimacy decreases as individuals have their daily routines. Spouses can get used to using the same old surface level questions; ...
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#MeToo… I think?: Debunking Sexual Harassment Myths

If you’ve had any connection with the outside world, you have probably noticed the increased attention being given to sexual harassment.  Specifically, the hashtag “#metoo” has been bringing awareness to ...

Adoption Competent Counseling

It can take a long time to find the right fit as a client looking for a counselor. Counseling is at its core a relationship, and individuals want to have ...

Let’s Play a Love Game

The game of love is tough. Two different players, with different strengths and different skill sets. In a relationship, sometimes it can feel like your teammate is your opponent, which ...
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