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Fighting Fair So often, I hear people talk about how they wish they had a perfect relationship, where they don’t fight with their partner. I can understand that. Fighting isn’t something I particularly enjoy, either. In retrospect, to me fighting doesn’t make me feel like I’m failing in my marriage. Fighting shows me that my […]

Fighting for Your Marriage

Making the decision to enter counseling is an important one, and can often be a difficult phone call to make. Your counselor is aware of this, and considerate of the sometimes intense emotions that have going into your reaching out for help. Counselors sometimes find themselves in your very shoes—making this same call—at some point […]

5 Ways to Get the Biggest Impact Out of Counseling

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5 Ways to Get the Biggest Impact Out of Counseling Cypress, Amy Wine, TX

Why Becoming Your Spouse’s Best Friend is the Ultimate Marriage Goal After being married about a year, my wife and I were interacting with a lady at a retail store – talking about marriage and such – when she abruptly asked, “Are you two like, best friends or something?”  When we replied, “Yes.”, she stated […]

Are You Married to Your Best Friend?

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