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The concept of grief is often associated closely with death/loss of a loved one. However, grief can occur as a result of any kind of loss. Other types of loss can be: loss of a close friendship, loss of a pet, loss of a pregnancy, loss of health, loss of financial security/job, retirement, moving to […]

A Deeper Look Into Grief and Loss

Death and loss are inevitable. They’re the most sure things about life. For some reason, though, we can get weird around the topic of death. Society has a few blanket statements to say, but are those actually helpful? Some of those well intended but ignorant things can be pretty damaging. Grief is a confusing emotion. […]

How to Talk to Someone That is Grieving

Women's Issues

When you think of grief, it is likely what comes to mind is bereavement and grief after someone passes away. Grieving is something much deeper and wider than only applying to the loss of a loved one. Grief is a loss — a loss of any kind. Grief Comes in Many Forms: Expectations, dreams, and […]

Grieving Unmet Expectations

Women's Issues

Last week marked National Infertility Awareness week: April 21- 27, 2019. For this post, I would like to focus on the solutions for infertility. Fertility treatment looks different for every family. Options should be thoroughly discussed with a qualified healthcare provider. While the outcome may not be clear, I would like to emphasize the importance […]

Treatment for Infertility: Fostering Hope

Adult Counseling

“According to Madam Pomfrey, thoughts could leave deeper scarring than almost anything else.”- J. K. Rowling Battling Thoughts I think anyone who has struggled with their mental health can relate to the idea that sometimes your thoughts can cause as much or more damage than a jab to the ribs. The old adage “sticks and […]

Harry Potter and the Invisible Scars

Teen Counseling

I never really understood what it meant to grieve during the holidays until it happened to my own family.  My father had a massive heart attack that took his life just days before Christmas. My entire family was in anguish. From then on, Christmas has never been quite the same.    The holidays bring meaning […]

Coping With Grief During The Holidays


“There is sacredness in tears. Tears are not the mark of weakness, but of power.  They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues.  They are messengers of overwhelming grief, and unspeakable love.” -Washington Irving Tears are the body’s release of stress, sadness, grief, anxiety, and frustration. Crying purges the body of pent up emotion, pain, […]

The Healing Power of Tears

Childrens Counseling

The concept of journaling is not only for teenagers with sparkly spirals and colorful pens.  The benefits are applicable to all people, in all walks of life. Journaling has repeatedly proven to be a way of managing stress and anxiety, mining your true feelings, and allowing for a healthy emotional release. The trick to gaining […]

What’s the Big Deal About Journaling?

Teen Counseling

I was speaking with a friend the other day about some “nice to haves” in a future house. Being a former collegiate swimmer, she mentioned that she loved the idea of having a pool.  Then, she said, “…but, I also know there is some risk involved with having one.”  Besides being a superior athlete, she […]

Those Attractive Nuisances

Couples Counseling

My current season of life is rough. Some days, I find my only victory is getting dressed. Self-care no longer looks like getting my nails done and sipping my favorite quad-venti upside-down caramel macchiato. Self-care looks like taking a shower or cooking instead of ordering from Door  Dash. It’s becoming harder and harder to keep […]

It’s OK To Not Be OK

Adult Counseling