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 As children we are taught how to be kind to others, respect others, love others. However, very rarely are we taught how to be kind to ourselves, respect ourselves, love ourselves. When life gets tough, it is easy to be harsh with ourselves. However, it takes an act of courage to love yourself. Struggling with […]

How to Love Yourself (when struggling with mental illness)

It’s thankful season! Each year, we gather around and one-by-one share what we’re grateful for. We likely put more thought into what we appreciate on that one day than we do in the entire year leading up to it. We often say something like “I’m thankful for my partner and the life we’ve created,” and […]

Why “Thankful Season” Should Last All Year Long in Your Relationship

Couples Counseling

When we think of self-care, the most obvious thing to consider is if you are eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep.  Although this is very important to overall self-care, there are several other areas of your life to consider as well. Just like when you are flying on an airplane and it is suggested […]

5 Things to Consider When Assessing Your Self-Care

Adult Counseling

THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES ARE: 1) Words of Affirmation – covered in my blog here! 2) Quality Time – covered in my blog here! 3) Receiving Gifts 4) Acts of Service 5) Physical Touch If these 5 love languages are new to you, don’t worry! First, I encourage you and your partner to discover your own love […]

Now You’re Speaking my Love-Language: Receiving Gifts

Couples Counseling

A new year is here and we all have resolutions. These resolutions include a lot of personal goals. For example, being more sociable, getting a better job, or more physically active. We think about the possibilities of life that could benefit us in the present and the future. However, volunteering never crosses our mind. The […]

Helping Helps

Teen Counseling

Hope is essential to the therapeutic process One of the questions I always ask in my first few sessions is, “What are you hoping for?”  The answer to this question tells me a lot about where a person is and where we need to start working. Without hope, it is hard to move forward. What […]

Choose Hope

Adult Counseling

Happy Holidays, friends! Last month, I wrote a blog on how to survive your first Thanksgiving as a married couple If this is also your first Christmas as a married couple, it must be such an exciting time! This time of year is already so full of magic, companionship, and love. If you live in […]

Newlywed Christmas Traditions

Couples Counseling

If you turned on the news today, you would be told that the world is dangerous and unhappy. All hope is lost, you’re not safe, and you’re in danger of everything. It is true, we live in an imperfect world where danger is real. You may have to search for hope and will have to […]

Living Positive

Adult Counseling

“Have courage and be kind.” – Cinderella Life can be stressful. In the midst of deadlines and schedules, we can often forget to be kind to one another. Each of us are battling something that most people know nothing about. Whether it is work stress, family struggles, or health issues, it is important to remember […]

Be Kind

Teen Counseling

This month, I want you to focus a little bit more on those things that you have accomplished, those things you are currently working on, and those things you will accomplish in the next several years. When I think about all the areas of my life that I am constantly focusing on, it usually boils […]

Past, Present, and Future

Teen Counseling