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We have all heard that saying: Life happens. We meet some great people. We text and call each other at the craziest times, share hilarious situations that happened at parties, 4 a.m. IHOP runs, impromptu road trips, and having sleepovers. Then, BOOM! Someone goes to graduate school and the other is climbing the corporate ladder. […]

Grieving What Once Was: So, Are We Still Friends?

Being an avid gym-goer, I see many faces at the gym. For the most part, everyone keeps to themselves, but you start to recognize more faces than others after a while. Naturally, it is only a matter of time before other gym “regulars” become acquaintances and those acquaintances slowly move towards friendships. Recently, I achieved […]

4 Tips to Help You Make Friends as an Adult (Because it’s Hard!)

Adult Counseling

Something I work on with my clients ALL. THE. TIME. is how to identify healthy relationships. No, I don’t just mean romantic relationships. We’re SO hyper-focused on romantic relationships as a society. We get fixated on how those relationships affect us, failing to look at other types of relationships in our lives. We learned our […]

Unhealthy Friendships in Adulthood

Adult Counseling

In my most recent blog, I discussed what boundaries are and shared some examples of different types.  In this blog, I would like to provide a few brief examples of what effective boundaries can look like vs. ones that don’t work.  I will also share a list of warning signs to be aware of that […]

Boundaries: Part Two

Women's Issues