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You’ve done all the right things, you’ve scheduled the babysitter, made reservations, picked out an outfit and have been looking forward to this date night with your spouse all week. The day comes… and for whatever reason, plans fall through and you have to stay at home with the kids. Date night is ruined… or […]

Date Night…In? A How To Guide!

THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES ARE: 1) Words of Affirmation – covered in my last blog here! 2) Quality Time 3) Receiving Gifts 4) Acts of Service 5) Physical Touch If these 5 love languages are new to you, don’t worry! First, I encourage you and your partner to discover your own love languages by taking […]

Now You’re Speaking my Love- Language: Quality Time

Couples Counseling

  Is your marriage lacking intimacy? Has the affection gone from your relationship? As a marriage therapist, this is one of the primary complaints that has brought many of my clients to my office. Although the first (and most obvious) sign that things have cooled between the two of you is a lack of sex […]

Restore Intimacy in 4 Steps

Couples Counseling

There isn’t much that surprises me. However, since becoming a marriage counselor I have been surprised by the amount of times a spouse has cheated and still declared their love for their partner.  It seems a bit inconsistent, right?  It got me thinking that maybe we live in a world so saturated with the word […]

I Love My Wife, But I Still Cheated.

Women's Issues