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Years ago I heard an analogy that has stuck with me.  We are all buckets, containers in which water can be put into.  As we move through life, our buckets get little holes and the water begins to seep out.  This is normal as we experience the stressors of school, jobs, relationships, and other problems […]

8 Strategies to Show Yourself Some Love: Learning the Art of Self-Care as a Teenager

The Truth. Authenticity – it’s something that we crave, we seek after, we talk about, but when it faces us, it’s often uncomfortable and we don’t know what to do with it. We are used to the truth being brushed off and prettied up for us, or having extra sharp edges added to it and […]

Sometimes Life Just Sucks..and That’s OK

Adult Counseling

I have this theory about why people enjoy Chick-fil-A so much.  It isn’t the food, albeit it is tasty.  It deals with the one thing I’ve never experienced in a CFA restaurant: bad customer service. I’m greeted with a smile when I walk in the door, the cashiers are always friendly, and workers even stop […]

When Your Therapist Sucks

Teen Counseling

Communication can be a pervasive issue in relationships. From marriages to parent-child, to boss-employee relationships, communication is key. Conflicts are something that come up in all types of relationships and can be intensified by issue with communication. Styles of communication and the types of issues with communication certainly differ depending on the type of relationship. […]

Conflict and Communication

Men's Issues

  Happy Pride Month! To begin, it is important that I highlight this pride-filled month as a therapist that provides counseling services for the LGBTQ+ community. An overwhelming number of clients start therapy by telling me about experiences that were not accepting of their identity. This brings on feelings of shame, guilt and fear. These […]

What is Pride Month?

Mental Health

Journaling is a therapeutic tool or strategy prescribed by many therapists to help people who may be struggling with a variety of life issues. Reflection through journaling may help to alleviate or minimize some of the symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. Get To Know You Sometimes we go through different emotions without […]

The Benefits of Journaling


The Benefits of Journaling

Some people might want to see a Christian Counselor because it resonates with their belief system, but what should you expect? Are we going to just read the Bible together? Will they judge me? Are they just going to tell me to pray about it? Let’s look at 3 of the common myths: 1. “Preachy.” A […]

3 Common Myths of Christian Counseling


3 Common Myths of Christian Counseling