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In my most recent blog, I discussed what boundaries are and shared some examples of different types.  In this blog, I would like to provide a few brief examples of what effective boundaries can look like vs. ones that don’t work.  I will also share a list of warning signs to be aware of that […]

Boundaries: Part Two

I am excited to start some dialogue regarding explanation of the LGBTQIA+ community. We can all be a part of personal advocacy. For what seems like most of the nation, these labels cause concern, discomfort and prejudice; we know that new terms and ideals promote this undesirable fear. So, I seek to explain these terms […]

The “Q” Near You

Women's Issues

There isn’t much that surprises me. However, since becoming a marriage counselor I have been surprised by the amount of times a spouse has cheated and still declared their love for their partner.  It seems a bit inconsistent, right?  It got me thinking that maybe we live in a world so saturated with the word […]

I Love My Wife, But I Still Cheated.

Women's Issues


Fighting Fair So often, I hear people talk about how they wish they had a perfect relationship, where they don’t fight with their partner. I can understand that. Fighting isn’t something I particularly enjoy, either. In retrospect, to me fighting doesn’t make me feel like I’m failing in my marriage. Fighting shows me that my […]

Fighting for Your Marriage

Women's Issues

Why Becoming Your Spouse’s Best Friend is the Ultimate Marriage Goal After being married about a year, my wife and I were interacting with a lady at a retail store – talking about marriage and such – when she abruptly asked, “Are you two like, best friends or something?”  When we replied, “Yes.”, she stated […]

Are You Married to Your Best Friend?

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