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oppositional defiant disorder, ODD

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Are you the parent of a child diagnosed with ODD? Are you doing your best to parent your child with little progress?  You are not alone.  Research suggests that as many as 16% of adolescents have some degree of ODD.  In order to help your child, it’s necessary to first have a clear understanding of […]

Managing ODD

When Helping Hurts The immediate and lasting effects of hurricane Harvey to the Texas coast line have taken over media outlets over the past week.  It’s been heartbreaking to watch and hear stories of loss every single day, and to confront the reality that those effected, whether directly or indirectly, will be dealing with the […]

Hurricane Harvey: Victory Over Vicarious Trauma

Women's Issues

hurricane harvey, trauma

“I was not built to break.” This a line from one of the last hit singles of Whitney Houston, “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength”. Sometimes making it through traumatic events can bring you the sincere feeling of resilience against circumstances—as it should. Other times, though, there is a sense of heaviness and weight that […]

Hurricane Harvey: Surviving Survivor’s Guilt

Women's Issues

guilt, survivors, ptsd, anxiety

Hurricane Harvey has devastated the Texas coast. Specifically for me, my heart aches with my fellow Houstonians as we work to rebuild our hearts and homes. There are so many needs to be met for so many displaced people. For someone who has lost their home and car, how do they handle going from being […]

Hurricane Harvey: Receiving Help

Women's Issues

In my most recent blog, I discussed what boundaries are and shared some examples of different types.  In this blog, I would like to provide a few brief examples of what effective boundaries can look like vs. ones that don’t work.  I will also share a list of warning signs to be aware of that […]

Boundaries: Part Two

Women's Issues

At the beginning of the year, I decided I wanted to try something new with my workout routine and I joined a yoga studio. Yoga has always seemed a little weird and too slow for my slightly ADHD tendencies. To my surprise, I really enjoy it. My studio offers tons of different types of yoga […]

Nama-stay Away From Anxiety With Yoga

Women's Issues

Namaste, Anxiety, Depression, Stress Relief

Have you ever wondered what makes each of us so different and unique?  Is there a person you admire because they always seem to maintain healthy friendships and work-life balance?  If you have ever been in a counseling setting, or known anyone who has been, than you know the answer to both of those questions […]

Talkin About The “B” Word – Boundaries

Women's Issues

Fence providing boundaries

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Teenagers are from some planet far, far away yet to be named! This could be why the teenage years are so trying. Parenting is a tough job.  It’s even more challenging during those teenage years.  Beginning around age 13 or 14, teenagers become the smartest people on […]

Surviving the Teenage Years

Teen Counseling

teenagers, teenage years

As you might have noticed recently, our entire office was recently challenged by our blogging queen to write a blog series on stability.  All of us were assigned a specific topic; mine was stability when opening a new business.  At first, I giggled, because at that moment I felt anything but stable. I felt overwhelmed, […]

Stable Business Practices

Women's Issues

Currently, I am in a very hectic stage of life and finding stability can be difficult. I’m trying to balance working as a private practice counselor and finish up my dissertation for my doctoral program. Both are wonderful phases to be in, but difficult to do together. I’ve come to find out that in order […]

Finding Stability in Chaos

Women's Issues