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Imagine taking a stroll down a beautiful green forest with wonderfully scented flowers, creatures of different types making their calls to each other, a calm stream of water to your right and on your left is a blank wooden sign pointing to nowhere. You see the path, but it is one you have never been […]

“Into the Unknown”: Welcoming the Interruptions

Part 1: The Departure and Remaining Connected You survive by distracting yourself with planning the high school graduation celebration, followed by shopping for college necessities… but now the day is upon you. Your child is heading off to college. You’ve spent the last 18 years being their taxi driver, chef, fashion consultant, confidant, counselor and […]

How to Survive Becoming an Empty Nester

Men's Issues

The back-to-school season can be stressful for families. Everyone has to adjust back to the school year routine and there can be new activities in this routine. For kids, the new year can bring new expectations and stress as they advance through grade levels and extra curricular activities. The following ideas can be adjusted to […]

How to Prepare For a Smooth Transition Back to School

Teen Counseling

There are some things in life that are given. For example, seasons change, children grow up, birthdays come, and careers change. Life continues to move forward during each transition. We learn, we evolve, and we hopefully adapt. Correction- we have to adapt. Transitions can cause a great deal of anxiety. Anxiety is a strong sense […]

Life Transitions

Teen Counseling