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Boundaries - Why In The World Are They Important?

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Your decisions are disregarded. You take on the blame for something that is not your fault. You feel frustration or resentment about how others treat you. You experience shame. You frequently justify others’ behaviors. Most of us have experienced one or more of these in our lifetime. And many of us feel these statements are […]

Boundaries: Why In The World Are They Important?

 As children we are taught how to be kind to others, respect others, love others. However, very rarely are we taught how to be kind to ourselves, respect ourselves, love ourselves. When life gets tough, it is easy to be harsh with ourselves. However, it takes an act of courage to love yourself. Struggling with […]

How to Love Yourself (when struggling with mental illness)

Mental Health

Years ago I heard an analogy that has stuck with me.  We are all buckets, containers in which water can be put into.  As we move through life, our buckets get little holes and the water begins to seep out.  This is normal as we experience the stressors of school, jobs, relationships, and other problems […]

8 Strategies to Show Yourself Some Love: Learning the Art of Self-Care as a Teenager


Attention all parents!  Feeling stressed during this difficult time?  The struggle is real!  You are not alone.  Here are 5 things to consider that will keep you on the path to a healthier, happier experience as you journey through this time filled with the stressors of COVID-19.   Don’t Forget About You When we think […]

Ways for Parents to Decrease Stress and Increase Positivity Amidst the Chaos of Covid-19


To live vicariously through your child often means to push your own ambitions onto your offspring in order to gain a feeling of success or achievement.  More than anything, most parents desire for their children to have wonderful lives. For many parents, this means reassuring that their kids do not make the same mistakes as […]

Living Vicariously Through Your Child


We are getting into holiday season! Enter in the excited butterflies and overall groans as we wince under the weight of additional responsibilities. Kids activities, spouse holiday parties, crunching more work into less hours, combine all of that and our plates get full to overflowing and not just at Thanksgiving. We stretch ourselves thin trying […]

Turning Our “Yes” Into a “Hell, Yes” by Saying it Less Often

Adult Counseling

You Are Not Alone September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Initially, you may appreciate the statistics and the acknowledgment. When the month ends, though, you may feel complete invalidation. No amount of awareness can ever yield justice for who you were robbed of. Nothing can keep the endless, ignorant suicide comments at bay. You likely […]

To those who have lost someone to suicide,

Adult Counseling

School is back in session for districts across the country. The start of the academic school year sets a number of actions in motion for parents: clothes and school supply shopping, new routines, preparation for fall extracurricular activities, and readjusting bed times. There are several aspects involved in transitions from lazy summer days to busy […]

The Back-to-School Reset

Childrens Counseling

Back to school reset

Individuals have many needs- both physical, emotional, and spiritual. The focus of this series has been taking a dive into the nine different emotional needs. When someone is suffering, we can often take a glance at their emotional needs, and work toward fulfilling those that might not be satisfied. Thankfully there is a way to […]

Pay Attention To Me…. Also, Give Me Space!

Adult Counseling

“I don’t feel very much like Pooh today,” said Pooh. “There, there,” said Piglet. “I’ll bring you tea and honey until you do.”   Loving someone comes with high and low days. Loving someone with a chronic condition or someone going through an extended difficult time can come with its own set of highs and […]

How to Support Someone Going Through An Emotionally Difficult Time: Tea and Honey – Part Two

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