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Why “Thankful Season” Should Last All Year Long in Your Relationship: Part 2

I recently posted “Part 1” exploring why you should practice gratitude every day, every moment - not just on Thanksgiving. Here are some signs you need to make gratitude a ...

Living Vicariously Through Your Child

To live vicariously through your child often means to push your own ambitions onto your offspring in order to gain a feeling of success or achievement.  More than anything, most ...

Turning Our “Yes” Into a “Hell, Yes” by Saying it Less Often

We are getting into holiday season! Enter in the excited butterflies and overall groans as we wince under the weight of additional responsibilities. Kids activities, spouse holiday parties, crunching more ...

To those who have lost someone to suicide,

You Are Not Alone September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Initially, you may appreciate the statistics and the acknowledgment. When the month ends, though, you may feel complete invalidation. No ...
Back to school reset

The Back-to-School Reset

School is back in session for districts across the country. The start of the academic school year sets a number of actions in motion for parents: clothes and school supply ...

Pay Attention To Me…. Also, Give Me Space!

Individuals have many needs- both physical, emotional, and spiritual. The focus of this series has been taking a dive into the nine different emotional needs. When someone is suffering, we ...

How to Support Someone Going Through An Emotionally Difficult Time: Tea and Honey – Part Two

“I don’t feel very much like Pooh today,” said Pooh. “There, there,” said Piglet. “I’ll bring you tea and honey until you do.”   Loving someone comes with high and ...

The Sandwich Generation

When my mom became ill after my father died, I did not have a lot of options.  My husband and I decided to move her into our home. We could ...

How To Appropriately Utilize Rewards and Punishments

Many parents have reported that in order to reduce power struggles in the home, there needs to be some sort of solution focused perspective. Concentrating on solutions creates a very ...

Why Your Relationship is Stealthily Unhealthy

  Most people's ideal relationship includes having respect, unconditional acceptance, equality, honesty, and love. The list goes on. Oftentimes, relationships look more like this: “You never think about how your ...
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