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When the outside doesn't match the inside

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Your alarm clock goes off in the morning after a night of restless tossing and turning. You slowly get out of bed and feel “off”. Showering is exhausting, and getting dressed takes so much energy that you’re ready to crawl right back into bed. You think to yourself – “why bother? Nobody is going to […]

When the Outside Doesn’t Match the Inside: Part Two

Tools to help you to bounce back from life’s challenges. Have you ever noticed that two people can go through situations that are very similar and their ability to cope is different?  This happens in part because of the difference in each person’s ability to be resilient. There are many factors that go into building […]

6 Ways to Build Resiliency

Adult Counseling

Naturally, most human beings love to talk about themselves.  It is a pleasurable experience to tell others our interests, hobbies, and what we had for lunch. What if we find ourselves turning every conversation into another story about us? What Is A Conversational Narcissist? Sociologist, Charles Derber, coined the term Conversational Narcissist to describe a […]

Are You A Conversational Narcissist?

Teen Counseling

A new year is here and we all have resolutions. These resolutions include a lot of personal goals. For example, being more sociable, getting a better job, or more physically active. We think about the possibilities of life that could benefit us in the present and the future. However, volunteering never crosses our mind. The […]

Helping Helps

Teen Counseling

Christmas time is approaching. The cups at Starbucks are now red, stores are selling stocking stuffers, treats to bring to the next gathering, and are blasting holiday tunes. You probably have an image in your head of what you wanted this season to look like; longing to experience the joy with the new member of […]

How Postpartum Stole Christmas!


The concept of journaling is not only for teenagers with sparkly spirals and colorful pens.  The benefits are applicable to all people, in all walks of life. Journaling has repeatedly proven to be a way of managing stress and anxiety, mining your true feelings, and allowing for a healthy emotional release. The trick to gaining […]

What’s the Big Deal About Journaling?

Teen Counseling

How many times have you found yourself in a difficult situation that brings up many emotions for you, but you believe you have to suppress those emotions and move on? Whether it be something that upsets you at work, something happens and you feel you have to put on a brave face for your kids, […]

Accepting Emotions

Adult Counseling