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The importance of this role has been on my mind with Father’s Day being this month. I start by reflecting on the relationship I have with my father. To begin, we were not close because I lived in Ohio and he lived in Texas. Open and honest communication helped our bond strengthen when I moved […]

3 Questions Every Father Should Ask Himself

When I first started this blog post I had a pretty straightforward idea of what it would look like. I was going to describe adoption as something that comes from a deep love and that parents who adopt love their children fiercely. I was going to find some empirical data to back up my hypothesis. […]

More Love: Adoptive Parents

Teen Counseling

Around 2 years ago, I can remember having a conversation with a friend about how I wasn’t going to be “one of those Moms” that felt guilty about every decision I made.  I was going to be confident in the choices that I made for my kid and I wasn’t going to let him dictate […]

Mom Guilt

Women's Issues

Earlier I wrote a blog post about adoption counseling, highlighting the approach taken by adoption competent counselors. As an adoption counselor, one of the most challenging things for me is when a family is faced with a disrupted adoption. Unfortunately this is something that is not addressed enough in the adoption process. What is adoption […]

Adoption Disruption