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Unbecoming – #31DaysOfChange – Day 29

Admission Time: There was a point in my life that I was seriously angry. Angry at life circumstance, angry at people that let me down, angry at well, everything.  Anger ...
Day 28 Amy Wine Counseling Cypress TX

#31 DaysOfChange – Day 28

I mean, seriously, there are days I want a reboot! How about you?

#31 DaysOfChange – Day 27

Are you finding it difficult to get family and friends on board with your change? Sometimes people simply don’t understand, are judgmental, or try to sabotage your journey. Remind yourself, ...
Day 26 Amy Wine Counseling Cypress, TX

#31 DaysOfChange – Day 26

Is the change you chose to make really, truly important to you? What excuses are you making to not continue the journey?
Day 25 Amy Wine Counseling Cypress TX

Have You Given Up and Stopped Reading – #31 DaysOfChange – Day 25

Feeling defeated?  Given Up? We are at Day 25 and whew it has been a long journey for some.  I have felt it in the struggle to come up with ...

#31 DaysOfChange – Day 24

Why is staying positive so difficult? It is much easier to live in, talk about, and dwell on the negative. This quote from Ghandi puts it all in perspective.  I ...
Day 23 Amy Wine Counseling , Cypress, TX

#31DaysOfChange – Day 23

Evaluate where your stress is coming from, maybe the season for that person, place, or thing needs to come to an end. You can then find new peace!  
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