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Stories – #31DaysOfChange – Day 17

January 16, 2016

An Ode to Playfulness

Finding the Courage to be Vulnerable

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On January 1st you were able to start a brand new story of you! Each page blank and ready to be filled! You chose to make a change in your life, to move forward, to begin anew! Stop for a moment and reflect, what story are you telling yourself? Is it the story you want to write or do adjustments need to be made.

Take an inventory of your thoughts by thinking about a specific incident that has happened recently. Something that is bothering you. I mean, we all have things that bother us from time to time, right!?!

First, when and why did this incident occur? Write it down.

Second, write out the following negative attributes:
1) What are your negative emotions regarding what happened? Hint: you can google an emotion word bank
2) What are your negative believes regarding what happened?
3) What are your negative behaviors regarding what happened?
4) Is there anything in your past that is a trigger for these negative thoughts regarding this incident?

Third, write out the following positive attributes:
1) What are your positive emotions regarding what happened?
2) What are your positive beliefs regarding what happened?
3) What are your positive behaviors regarding what happened?

Are you swaying more towards the positive or negative? If positive you are already on the right track. If negative, ask yourself these questions?
1) If the negative, what behaviors, thought processes, and beliefs could you change to move towards the positive.
2) Are there skills you need to obtain?
3) Do you need to gain another perspective?
4) How do you want to feel and what could you do to get started in that direction?

In this process, we are only talking about one incident but you are going through the steps it takes to re-create yourself, one story at a time.

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