Today our kids are using social media every single day. This is second nature and often they do not know the dangers that are associated with what they’re doing. Kids can get into trouble with social media, even when they are not looking for it or aware of itI’m not just talking about dangers from other people, there are dangers that can be deeply mental and emotional, just from watching what friends post.

You might be thinking, I’m in tune with my kid, I’ve got this, but 68% of kids say they know how to hide things on social media from their parents!  (yes, even the best kids do it, we were all teens once!)

As parents, we do not know the dangers that are lurking or we ignore and pray they never enter our homes or affect our children’s mental health because we do not have a clue where to even start looking on social media.It’s not your fault you don’t know what you don’t know! 

We are so overwhelmed with the thought of learning anything social media that we just sit there and hopethat our kids have got it handled themselves and it won’t affect them. We expect them to tell us if they are being cyberbullied or feeling anxiety from social media, reality isthey don’t tell us. Then there is the ultimate fear, I mean, really, what are the chances of a predator entering your home? Slim to none? That is exactly what I thought!

I thought I was doing all the right things, the computer was in a central location, I was monitoring time spent, I was monitoring conversations, and yet….. a predator entered my home right in front of me, in a way I never even imagined, even while doing “all the right things!”  After being scared to death, I made it my mission to learn everything there is about social media dangers and to share with other parents, just like you and me! I consulted with the FBI & DEA, I have researched anything and everything then combined it into one, easy to follow course.

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You will know exactly where your kids can hide things in their social media accounts and phones.

  • You will be confident in the warning signs for mental health concerns, including depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and self-harm
  • You will understand all the ways your kids can be harmed through social media.
  • You will have both the knowledge and action steps so you can be empowered on everything social media
  • You will have a thorough understanding of every popular social media app your kids are using
  • You will know how to talk to your kids about social media so they will listen.
  • You will be experts in online safety and parental controls
  • You will have a complete bonus course to share with your kids on the impact of social media and their legacies

I’m going to make this easy for you, and put all the information into bite-size chunks, into an online course, that you can finish in just one hour and feel like you have the power back and the knowledge you need to protect your children.

You will know not only more than your 
children do about social media, but know
what the predators know!

I’m not gonna let the fact that you have no understanding of social media, have tried learning this before, you get overwhelmed, or avoid it to get in the way!

No more, turning a blind eyewondering which voice to listen to as they all contradict each other, or feel lostI am not gonna let you leave this course feeling that way! You are going to be confident in understanding social media and you’re going to know everything that you can know to protect your children!

Parents don’t think this is a program just if you haveteenagers! This is if you have elementary, middle school, and yes, even preschool kids

  • Module 1: Impact of Social Media on Kids Hint: I’m talking sleep issues, drugs, sex-trafficking, unrealistic view of reality, FOMO, and much, much, more. Like I said, I keep it REAL, even if hard to hear!
  • Module 2: Social Media & Mental Health We go deep into several areas related to mental health, including suicidal ideation and self-harm.
  • Module 3: Popular Social Media Outlets Where do they hide all those secret things they don’t want parents to see…. I PROMISE THEY ARE TRICKY AND RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU NEVER TO BE SEEN, if you don’t know they exist. We will go over all the popular social media apps, some you probably never heard of, but I bet your kids have.
  • Module 4: Potential Misuses & Dangers Kids have a way of getting themselves into trouble even when they aren’t planning it.  Thinking ahead more than two minutes into the future does not happen. You will be given all the potential places for misuse and dangers they don’t think about.
  • Module 5: Educate Your Children We tell you exactly how to talk to kids about their online activities and social media presence so they will ACTUALLY HEAR YOU!  Seriously, this is a must see. Colleges and employers now look at these accounts. Our children now have a social footprint from the time they are born. What to do about that?  HINT: THERE IS A BONUS BELOW TO HELP!
  • Module 6: Take Action: Online Safety & Parental Controls You will learn the latest and greatest methods to keep your family safe. You know, those ones that you are not told!

And because I am so passionate about your kids learning the impact of social media, too.  I am going to give a FREE BONUS COURSE, just for your kids. We will discuss the impact of social media on their legacies (colleges and employers are looking), the likes race, cyberbullying, and much, much more.

This course will sell for only $97 + the FREE BONUS COURSE FOR YOUR KIDS.  

I will even guarantee you will be satisfied or I will return every penny you paid!  Simply finish the course within 30 days of purchase, if you are not completely satisfied, drop me an email, I will refund you, no questions asked.


p.s. If you are like me, you skipped straight to the bottom. This Social Media Dangers Course is top notch, FBI/DEA were consulted, you will have everything you need to no longer feel the overwhelm, understand where your kids hide things, and understand all popular social media apps and dangers. Only $97 + FREE BONUS COURSE for your kids!!! GET IT HERE! Before it will be gone!