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Remember Your Success

Does it feel like you’ve been doing your best and making all the right choices, but life is not going in your favor?  It is natural to go through these moments; they happen to everyone! It is important to remember your success in these moments. It’s easy to become discouraged when the times we were successful at making changes in our lives or achieving something that we really wanted are forgotten. These achievements bring us motivation during frustrating times in life. Not all of life’s challenges will bring a win, but many will be a learning experience alerting us of changes needed to move forward and where we need to gain insight for the successes we desire.

How to use your success as a tool for positive change.

  1.  List the positive changes you have made in your life.  
    •  What were they?
    •  What did they look like?
    •  How did those changes feel?
    •  What affects did those changes make in your life?
  2.  Take a look at the changes you listed and consider the following for each.
    •  When did you first start thinking about making this change and what was going on in your life at the time?
    •  Did you achieve the change all at one time or did you have to implement small steps?
    •  If you started with small steps, what were those steps?
    •  How do you feel about the change today?  How has the change impacted your life long- term?

Success can be anything you consider beneficial or what brings contentment to your life.  Success can come in all forms, such as social, financial, physical, spiritual, emotional, etc. The memories of the path you took to achieve your goals will serve as proof that you can get through whatever it is you are currently struggling with. Think back on what your mindset and method was when things were going well. Always remember that moments are temporary and focus on what changes you can make towards your desires now.

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*Cited from Motivational Groups for Community Substance Abuse Programs*


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