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New Year’s Resolu-Who?

January 2, 2022

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Let’s be real. 

How many of us actually accomplish our New Year’s Resolutions? (I typically forget what they are by April). 

Typically this happens by summer: “I’ve back-slided. I can’t do this. I’ve failed already. I give up! I’ll try again next year.”

Next year comes along. “I’m going to commit to my resolution this time!” 

Right. Who are we kidding? How about we try something different? 

Instead of tackling one big thing, plan to make a small goal for ourselves each week!

Pick a day – Tuesday for example (since January 1st lands on a Tuesday) – and every Tuesday morning while you sip on your coffee, choose one goal you want to accomplish that week. Then, on the next Tuesday morning, you reflect on what worked (or didn’t work) that past week. Make a new plan. Or, make a new goal. Perhaps some weeks end up being the same goal (and that’s okay!)

Commit to changing how you set your goal. 

Choose one goal a week. Make it manageable. Make it achievable.

Commit to getting into the habit of making one small change at a time. 

Celebrate those small wins every week!

You’ve got this! Hello New You Every Week of 2022!


Natalie Frazier, LMFT-A, MA

Natalie’s work is primarily focused on Couples and Individual Adults. She is experienced in grief and loss counseling, traumas (sexual and life-threatening), marital relations (including communication skills and infidelity), and emotion regulation (such as anger management and depression). She seeks to be an ally to all communities.