Marriage Intensives

Research shows that, in order for a relationship to last, couples must become better friends, manage conflict, enhance communication skills and become emotionally aware of one another. Couples counseling can help you increase respect, affection, closeness, resolve conflict when you feel stuck and much more.

Depending on each couple’s individual circumstances, I use various methods of marriage counseling, but most often draw on the work of Drs. John Gottman, of the Gottman Institute and Sue Johnson, who pioneered Emotionally Focused Therapy. Gottman, who is the world’s leading marriage therapist, can predict with 96% accuracy whether a couple will divorce or not within the first 5 minutes of listening to a couple argue. This is based on his many years of research.

Along with Dr. Gottman, I fully believe marriages can be saved even when divorce is predicted, if both parties are willing to do the work. It’s difficult because we often feel marriage should come easily, although at some points in our lives it simply does not work that way.

Sometimes a troubled marriage needs more attention than just an hour a week. My intensives are structured to facilitate growth, while repairing and re-building your marriage. I have seen my clients experience great success with intensive marriage counseling. During your intensive, we are able to dive deeper and more quickly, getting to the root of the emotional issues. You attend session for longer periods, but less often. While it’s difficult with work schedules, research shows the time spent in an intensive is much more effective overall, and couples actually spend less time than they would in a traditional weekly one hour session.

Who Should Attend an Intensive?

  • Any couple with limited time, who want to move through the process towards healing at a faster pace.
  • Couples in severe crisis situations, such as on the brink of divorce, affair recovery, substance abuse recovery, or trauma.
  • Couples who find themselves stuck and need help moving their relationship forward.
  • A couple that wants to jump start their weekly sessions by combining the first four sessions into one three-hour session. Typically, this includes gathering background information, assessment and meeting one-on-one with each partner.


Half Day — 2.5 Hour Session

Whole Day — 5 Hour Session (break for lunch)

Contact us for intensive fees and more information.

Are you looking to jump start your entry into couples counseling. Marriage Intensives through Amy Wine Counseling can help you get started on the path to healing your marriage and helping yourself. Feel free to contact us to set up an appointment, so we can get your started on your journey!