Your Dream Job Starts Now

Join Amy Wine Counseling Center’s Team and you will find not only a career, but a family. We are a warm, welcoming and dynamic private group practice nestled in the heart of Cypress, Texas. We equip our team members to provide the highest quality service, from the moment of first contact with a client. We have high expectations of every member of our team, at the same time, we provide a work environment that is highly collaborative, fun, and filled with opportunities you might not have dreamed of yet. Our team is always innovating to better serve our clients and lead our industry to new levels of excellence. We aim to encourage and strengthen each other while continually delivering excellent service to our clients.

What We Do

We are invested in partnering with our community to inspire every member to live the most healthy lifestyle possible.  This begins with support for even the youngest community members by engaging them in play therapy, to our senior citizens, and everyone in between.  We work alongside children, teens, adults, couples, and families and meet them right where they are in life. We empower our clients with the resources they need to live their best life, on their terms. We aim to leave a lasting impact on not only our community, but the world.  In doing so, we lead the teammates we serve to do what matters most and reach their full, God-given potential. In turn, this allows our team to reach a high level of success. In short, we help not only our clients, but team members, build confidence in their abilities.

The Amy Wine Counseling Center Team prioritizes both intentional learning for ourselves and outstanding service for our clients, meaning we promote a calmer, more balanced, more fulfilling way to work and live.  Our team members love what they do and find the work is deeply rewarding and utilizes each individual unique strengths and talents.

Our Story

Amy Wine started this rapidly growing, private group practice in August of 2016.  Once a previous stay at home mom and elementary school teacher, one day she awoke and realized, “I really want to just talk to these kids and not necessarily teach them to read any longer.”  Understanding, this thought did not make the best reading teacher, she sought out on the path to re-invent her future. Coincidentally, what she would not realize until after the center had opened, on her wedding video in October of 1998, she was asked by the videographer what she saw in her future.  When many years later she finally had converted that old VHS tape to digital, her response stunned even her, as she watched herself reply, “child psychologist.”  This might seem strange to some, but life had taken so many twists and turns for Amy that she did not even remember this dream. God definitely had a plan, and Amy is often heard remarking about the success of the center, “this is not of me, there is no explanation, it has to be God.”  Coming from a past of unbelief, to her this a huge statement of faith.  

Amy Wine Counseling Center is full of enthusiastic, high achieving team members. They are filled with a passion for helping those hurting in our community to find their best, most healthy life possible. Our counselors have a wide variety of specialities, and range from master’s level practicum students to doctoral candidates. Many team members are award winners for best practices in their field and published authors.  We employ only high quality, high achieving candidates. Our administrative and marketing teams all hold, at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree in their specialty.  We each have a passion for the field of counseling and empowering individuals, both internally and externally. At the same time, our community has provided us the great honor of being voted 2017 and 2018 Best Counseling Services in Cypress, Texas, hosted by Living Magazine Best of Issue.

Our Values

At Amy Wine Counseling Center, we do things a little different. We are building a company that we want to work in.

Uncompromising Integrity We are honest at all times, take responsibility for our mistakes, and honor our commitments, period.

Inclusive, Open-Minded, and Diverse We simply believe this is the way of the future.

Self-Improvement We are committed to be life long learners, allowing us to be the best clinicians and leaders in our community. We are in a continuous pattern of improving our processes and services to our clients, in order to create the best value we could possible offer.

Prioritize Team Members We believe every single team member is our most valuable asset, and we intentionally position them to work in their area of greatest strength so they can make the greatest level of contribution and experience the highest level of satisfaction.

Empowering People We strive to align our values with our mission of serving our community with the highest standards possible. We empower our teammates to make hard decisions, serve our clients, and hold an active role in the future of the company.

Infectious Enthusiasm We believe in not only the work we do, but know this private practice is the best in the world. We often spread this enthusiasm about our company and our brand to each other, our clients, and community.

Why Join Our Team?

Have you ever heard the saying, think outside the box?  We thought so, but we do not stop there, we think like THERE IS NO BOX. You will be challenged and inspired to pursue your desired speciality and grow both, personally and professionally. Inspiration holds no bounds at Amy Wine Counseling Center, we will help you not only achieve, but surpass your goals. This is where your passion and what you do best combine into the dream job you have been looking for. While we work hard, we play hard. We often hold team events such as going to escape rooms, bowling, retreats, or having parties for your entire family. We simply enjoy each other on a personal level.  Your team members are people that you will respect and will want to hang out with in real life.

Positions Open

  • Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Intern, Licensed Marriage and Family Associate.  We provide onsite supervision for both LPC and LMFT interns. 
  • Licensed Psychologist who specializes in assessments and would like to see clients as well. Will consider a Licensed, Master’s Degree candidate with extensive experience.
  • Psychiatrist for children and adults.
  • Web developer proficient in WordPress, specifically Avada theme both for Amy Wine Counseling Center, Inc. and a new separate up and coming company.
  • Graphic Artist for online content and social media outlets both for Amy Wine Counseling Center, Inc. and a new separate up and coming company.
  • Ghost writer for online content for both Amy Wine Counseling Center, Inc. and a new separate up and coming company.

Please contact us for more information and a complete position description for the position of your dreams.

Apply for Your Dream Job

Candidates who are interested in being a part of Amy Wine Counseling Center’s premier, fast growing private practice, can send their resume to We accept applicants interested in working on either full- or part-time basis.  For counseling position, we will only consider those either fully licensed or a licensed intern by the State of Texas.