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Experiencing Information Fatigue? Creating intentional boundaries around what we look at and listen to

September 20, 2020

An Ode to Playfulness

Finding the Courage to be Vulnerable

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At Amy Wine Counseling Center we aim to empower every adult, child, teen, couple, and family on the journey to hope, healing, and happiness. 

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What we think affects how we feel.  

The information we input has impacts on what we output.

In this day and age of a pandemic, racial tension, an upcoming election, and even hurricane news, we are overwhelmed with information from the media.  In counseling, I am hearing clients say more and more that they are seeing and feeling the effects of the amount of media (and social media) they are ingesting right now.  The reality is, our world is hard right now.  We must find a balance between being informed and being overloaded with information.

Take a gauge of how your media input is affecting you.  Take a gauge of how your time on social media is impacting your mental health.  Do you feel more anxious as a result of what you are taking in?  More angry?  More fearful?

While information is good, too much information can cause us to feel overloaded.  Take a gauge of how your information input is impacting you, then take steps to create boundaries around what you are putting in your mind.  Hopefully you and I both will experience more peace and less chaos as we are intentional about our input.

Looking to be more deliberate in what you are inputting?  We have generated a list of podcasts to get you started.  Let’s you and I make a deliberate choice right now to input some things that inspire and entertain!

Podcasts that Inspire:

  • Where There’s Smoke
  • Changeability
  • Inspire Nation
  • The School of Greatness
  • The Art of Charm
  • The Brendon Show
  • Good Life Project
  • The One You Feed
  • Invisibilia
  • The Ziglar Show
  • The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

As well as many great options for Biblical Truth!

  • Steven Furtick
  • Craig Groeschel
  • Andy Stanley
  • Robert Morris
  • Timothy Keller
  • Judah Smith
  • Pray the Word with David Platt

Podcasts that Entertain:

  • 2 Dope Queens
  • My Brother, My Brother and Me
  • No Such Thing As A Fish
  • Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast
  • Why Won’t You Date Me?
  • Best Friends
  • How Did This Get Made
  • Doughboys
  • Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend
  • Duncan Trussell Family Hour
  • This Is Branchburg
  • Keep It!
  • Office Ladies
  • Threedom
  • Bodega Boys 
  • The Popcast with Knox and Jamie


What suggestions would you add?  Let us know in the comments.

And as always, we are here for you!  Contact AWCC to being the process of speaking with one of our awesome counselors.