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Define Your Goal – #31DaysofChange – Day 2

January 3, 2016

An Ode to Playfulness

Finding the Courage to be Vulnerable

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amy-wine-counselor Let’s face it, you can think about making changes, even plan for implementing the change but if your purpose isn’t clear, it isn’t going to happen. The pathway to your goal is paved with all the necessary stepping stones you will need to get to the end.

Wavering off the path is very easy without clearly defined markers that keep you moving forward.  Get very specific about each step in your plan. Make it graphic, doodle it, use your apps, whatever works for you but get it written down! Writing down your goals makes them harder to ignore and holds you more accountable. It is impossible to work towards change without knowing where you are going!

3 Steps Towards Defining a New Goal:
1. What is your overall goal? (i.e. getting fit, opening a business, becoming more positive, spending more quality time with your family, getting to know yourself, etc.)

2. Now set smaller goals more short term goals that will help you achieve your overall goal. (i.e. for getting fit – start logging food intake, increase exercise, drink more water, etc)

3. Review and adjust your goals as necessary.  This is an evolving process so don’t feel like everything is set in stone.  This is a learning process so alter things as you go to make it work for you.