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Let’s Get Started With Your Change – #31DaysofChange – Day 1

January 3, 2016

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31-days-of-change-day-1-2016 A New Year is always a chance to start again and make a change in your life! I don’t mean making resolutions, I am talking about making decisions to treat yourself better. To say “Yes” to Yourself! To pay attention and Love the person that You are. We are only given one life to live, so don’t put this off for another tomorrow. Believe that you are truly amazing, a very special you, and make the time to do things that bring you joy!



Here is how it works….

You pick the change in your life and I will provide encouragement every day for 31 days!  Let’s get started! Yesterday, I posted a picture on social media that stated:

Tomorrow starts a blank 365 page book of You! What will yours say?

So here we are. New Year. Chapter One. What do you want to write on your blank pages? Think about it, sit with it, and dig deep! Make a list but narrow it down to what one change in you would like to make most?

Ask Yourself These Questions:

1) Why do you want to change? Why now?
2) For whom are you changing?  Is it for you, for someone else or for no one in particular?
3) What will happen if you decide not to change?
4) Have you tried to make this change before?  What happened?
5) What will make you successful this time?
6) Once you’ve changed, what will be different?
7) On a scale of 1 to 10, how committed are you?
8) Do you believe you are worth making the change for?
9) Add your own self reflection questions.

8 Helpful Hints for Success:

1) Small changes are easier to start with and be successful. Once you achieve success in a small change the more likely you are to stick with a large one.
2) To make a lasting change you are adding in another activity that requires your focus. By starting small it becomes more attainable.
3) Assess your current commitments to your job, home, kids, volunteer activities, marriage, etc.
4) It takes 3 weeks to make a new habit.
5) A day or two of perceived failure is NOT failure. Just get up with the sun the next day and start again!
6) Give yourself permission to make the change you desire, others don’t get a vote.
7) New Years Resolutions on average are only kept from 6-12 days. This is why we are not making resolutions.
8) If your purpose isn’t clear, it isn’t going to happen. Know why are you choosing the change you desire.

Reward yourself.