Knowledge is power. We’ve learned a lot through our years of school and experience, and there is no reason to keep all that learning to ourselves. We’d like to extend our knowledge to you - after all, therapy is about helping you learn how to apply what you learn from us to your daily life outside of the office. Our courses and trainings were developed with care to help you do just that.

Light Up Your Marriage Communication Workshop

In this on-demand virtual workshop, you will learn the 3 Critical Spouse Connections you need in your relationship, 6 Overcoming Conflict Super Skills you can implement right away, 6 Secret Weapons for Communication, and so much more.

Social Media Dangers

Technology seems to be continuously booming and growing, as do our children's access to the world through social media. Learn what apps are out there, what dangers they pose, how to protect your child, and how to teach your child to portray themselves online in this online course, which includes bonus modules on video games and internet addiction disorder.

Spark: Reignite Your Marriage

Feeling like a roommate in your marriage is NOT "just what happens after kids and years together." It is only a feeling that gifts you with a one-way ticket to divorce. Join the online course that will divorce-proof your marriage and take you from living the life of roommates to a couple on fire for each other.

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