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Community Partners

The Amy Wine Counseling Center is a diverse collection of mental health professionals who, as community partners, provide comprehensive clinical mental health services to children, teens, families, individuals, and couples. In addition, we offer evidence-based assessment of educational and intellectual disabilities, as well as counseling for those individuals identified as being on the autism spectrum.

Our vision is to create a community-oriented mental health resource that provides inclusive mental health and assessment services to our private clients, as well as psychoeducational and outreach programs to all member of the general public.

Experience has shown us that there are various needs in the community, and we are committed to filling them to the best of our ability with the resources we have available to us. We identify as advocates for those who are struggling with mental health or social challenges, providing services to support better management of those challenges. In addition, we work toward community sustainability through couples and family counseling, while also endeavoring to create a deeper, more abiding sense of community through our various outreach and psychoeducational programs.

We believe the fabric of community starts with individuals committed to connection and mutual support. At the Amy Wine Counseling Center we believe we can aid in holding the intention of community creation, while helping to sustain both the individuals members of the community and the families that make it up. We are committed to bringing a greater sense of wellness and whole health to the area and would ask you to join us in that mission.

If you are interested in being a part of our work as a community member, or wish to engage our services for yourself, your family or your organization, feel free to contact us so we can discuss how we may best serve your needs.

What the Community is Saying

Thank you Amy Wine for coming to our school not once but twice to present on very relevant topics to our parents. We have had such positive feedback from the Social Media Awareness presentation and your Balance Is The Key! Presentation. As always, you are so approachable for our parents and provide them with new ways to see and think about issues that they are dealing with in their families. We were especially impressed with your latest presentation as we just gave you a mish-mash of topics the staff wanted addressed and you were able to beautifully mold your knowledge regarding these varied topics into an extremely well organized and very useful presentation. We hope to have you back again!

Jennifer Nichols, MA, LPC-S, Counselor, Moore Elementary, CFISD
Thank you for your great presentation at Moore Elementary last night.  I got so much out of it as it confirmed my thoughts in some things and gave me new ideas for my life and parenting my 7 year old. These sessions are helpful and thank you again for sharing your knowledge and time with us.
Martha von Burg, Moore Elementary, CFISD