Child Counseling

Child Counseling

Children are in a constant state of change, and that can be overwhelming for them. As a result, you may have found it increasingly difficult to talk with your child. He or she may have become more and more short-tempered, prone to acting out or even having tantrums. Your child’s behavior may be getting in the way of his or her daily activities or just disruptive with the family, in general. All of this can be cause for concern. You may be asking yourself if counseling could benefit your child and have found your way here, looking for answers.

Child counseling Amy Wine Counseling, Cypress TXWhen we ask whether our child might be depressed, we typically think of sadness or tears. Children don’t necessarily have the same range of emotions as adults. Sadness or grief gets expressed in other ways. Children will often express sadness or depression through anger or frustration. The same sort of thing is true when we look at whether our child may be experiencing fear or anxiety. An anxious child may come across as overly shy or clingy when, in fact, they are withdrawing or hiding.

Something else to consider is that not every conflict a child has comes from what’s going on inside. Children’s intense feelings are sometimes prompted by situations on the outside. Changes in the family because of divorce, an older sibling leaving home or returning after a long absence, the loss of a family member, or even a pet, can all contribute to a child’s emotional upset. Without the proper tools to cope with intense emotions, children may begin to act out in unexpected ways. This can disrupt family life and make communication difficult.

Special Needs

Special needs families face an even more unique parenting challenge. Your child’s experience of the constant changes they are experiencing takes on an added layer of complexity when their unique needs come into play. Embracing those unique needs in the counseling process can provide you and your child with added perspective on how they can thrive and flourish as they grow.

Counseling provides a safe place for children to explore difficult feelings and learn better ways to manage them. Working together, your child and we can figure out what’s bothering them. Then we can explore your child’s strengths and develop effective problem-solving skills to help them better cope. Our focus is working with your child to meet their needs and help your family grow and heal.

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