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To this day, I can see and hear kids making fun of me in the halls of my middle school. I was a scrawny kid, who had rapidly lost weight after treatment had started. Stretch marks remain to this day along the sides of my thighs. My head was completely bald due to the chemotherapy. I was given permission to wear a baseball cap to school. Walking up the stairs was hard. They let me take the elevator up.

After Beating Cancer, I Wanted to Die

Elisabeth Elliot defines suffering as “having something you don’t want or wanting something you don’t have” in her book Suffering is Never for Nothing. One of the reasons I enjoy this definition of suffering so much is because it helps us to acknowledge our pain, even in the midst of witnessing global pain and trauma.

Acknowledging Our Suffering


What we think affects how we feel.   The information we input has impacts on what we output. In this day and age of a pandemic, racial tension, an upcoming election, and even hurricane news, we are overwhelmed with information from the media.  In counseling, I am hearing clients say more and more that they are […]

Experiencing Information Fatigue? Creating intentional boundaries around what we look at and listen to

Adult Counseling

Understanding the 5 stages of change How do you respond to change?  Do you embrace it with all that you have or do you avoid it at all costs?  Can I be honest with you?  Change is inevitable.  And no matter how good you might think you are at avoiding it or ignoring it, we […]

Overcoming the Fear of Change


I love Jesus. And I also struggle. I am no stranger to fear and worry and anxiety. For years I was told things like “just trust God more” and “worry is a sin” and “you should pray more”.  And yet despite a love for the Lord that resonates to the core of who I am, […]

Jesus and Anxiety: faith and struggle are not mutually exclusive

Christian Counseling

Over the past two months, we have collectively experienced a first.  For most of us, we have never lived through a pandemic and all that comes with it.  We have examined how to adjust to the changes, looked at how to manage our anxiety in the midst of it all, and attempted to cultivate new […]

A New Normal? Navigating Feelings About the World Opening Back Up.

Adult Counseling

It goes without saying; the world is no longer the same. The simplest interactions of yesterday are no more. It is safe to assume that all ages and demographics have been touched by these severe lifestyle changes. Sadly, the young and recent graduates are a demographic that has been greatly impacted by the current pandemic. […]

How to Continue: Embracing the New Normal


Conflict is inevitable.  As long as we have relationships, we will experience conflict.  Research even shows that conflict can be a vital part of strengthening relationships, as we work to rebuild the connection together relationships can go on to be stronger than they were initially.   For many of us, we are spending more time […]

Tackling Family Challenges: A teen’s guide to surviving and thriving in the midst of conflict


In simple terms, mindfulness is being focused on the present moment and yes, kids can learn how to implement mindfulness into their daily lives.  Mindfulness is a learned skill that can be taught.  Parents can educate children on what mindfulness is and what it looks like by speaking about it as well as modeling mindfulness […]

Can Kids Learn Mindfulness? 6 tips on how to do just that!

Childrens Counseling

Studies show that we have an average of around 50,000 thoughts per day. Wow, we really are in constant dialogue with ourselves. Those thoughts can be positive, negative, or neutral. Many, if not most of those thoughts go unnoticed. As we drift along in our busy lives, we certainly are not consciously aware of every […]

How Internal Dialogue Influences Your Daily Life