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I can remember when I first read the book “Boundaries” by Henry Cloud and John Townsend. Using verses from Galatians, Cloud and Townsend discuss the difference between burdens and loads. It defines a burden as something that is excessive boulders or problems in our life that we need to allow people to help with. They define the load as our daily toils and strains – something that we are personally responsible for managing and if we ask others to help with our loads we are being irresponsible.

Supporting One Another

When we think of diversity, a common assumption is that people from diverse backgrounds will automatically find their way into our lives. However, this is rarely the case. More often, our default setting as humans is to surround ourselves with people who are similar to ourselves.

Diversity is Out There. Go Find It!


I often hear statements from one partner that they love the other person, but that they are not “in love” with them. Really, I hear this from nearly every couple. They have lost that loving feeling, so to speak. What is actually happening is that the “newness” of the relationship has worn off. Human nature is rather fickle, and many have the “what have you done for me lately?” attitude when it comes to relationships.

Creating Fondness in Relationships


heart drawn in the sand on the beach, being washed away by ocean wave

At some point in your therapy journey, your therapist is likely to assess for protective factors that help individuals with resiliency and coping bandwidth when going through difficult times or managing mood disorders or traumas. One protective factor we look for is FRIENDSHIP! Having healthy friendship is a protective factor for both emotional health and physical health. 

Importance of Friendship


best friends

How well do you know your partner?  Oftentimes we say we know them but find it difficult to buy them gifts or know what to do to help them on a daily basis.  I often hear couples who have been together for a while, especially after the children leave the home, that they just don’t know each other anymore.  The question is, did they ever know their partner?

Knowing Your Partner


We have officially entered what some might call the most dreadful time of year. Valentine’s Day, also commonly known as Single Awareness Day, is upon us. We cannot escape it. The grocery stores remind us of our relationship status. When we try to purchase produce, we are greeted at the front entrance with fluffy stuffed animals staring back at us, floating ‘XO’ balloons, and overpriced red roses that will not last a week. 

14 Days of Dread


Love Hurts: 4 Reasons Why You May Be Holding onto a Toxic Relationship

Women's Issues

“Conflict in relationships is normal, so how do I know if marriage counseling might help us?”  You may feel like marriage counseling seems too drastic for the need you’re currently managing.  Maybe you’ve only known people to pursue marriage counseling when they’re “really in trouble” and that’s not you!  You guys are doing okay, but […]

When to Consider Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

The holidays are a time for gathering with friends and family to celebrate a special time of year. It’s a time to escape our hectic lives and reconnect with those we may not see often throughout the year. For many of us that may include caring for aging parents, either on a regular basis, or […]

Aging and Loneliness During the Holidays

Adult Counseling

“Hey. I think you should see a counselor.” Imagine this scenario playing out with someone you care about deeply. It is the holiday season. You and your loved ones safely gather for a routine family gathering. You notice something is “off” with your [grandmother/cousin/uncle/stepbrother/etc.]. Mental health struggles such as depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders […]

Recommending Counseling to a Loved One

Adult Counseling

Recommending Counseling to a Loved One