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For most children the end of the year is usually a time of great excitement and joy, lots of gifts and treats, visits with extended family and family friends, lots of fun things to do, and unfortunately, more frequent tantrums and other challenging behaviors. 

Holiday Overwhelm, tantrums, and challenging behaviors

Have you ever heard someone say “My child is giving me such a hard time” or even better, has one of your own parents ever told you that you used to “give them a hard time”? In the parent/child relationship, it is important to remember and respect that both the parent and child have needs. As parents, we are called to discipline our children and teach them the way they should go. However, through the younger years, they are very much also growing in such a way that at times they are still not even capable of reaching some of our unrealistic expectations.

Your kids are having a hard time, not giving you a hard time


Have you ever found yourself wondering why you responded to a situation the way you did? Yes? Me too. I would even argue that I do it weekly but to various extents. Some incidents require more cognitive processing to understand why I might have said something I didn’t mean to say, or why I felt like I was being misunderstood.

Help Yourself Help Your Child: How to Bridge the Developing Brain

Childrens Counseling

Our families are one of the most important social institutions in our lives. Researchers have observed that in all the societies they have studied, family plays a crucial role in the success of individuals. A family’s influence on young children can last a lifetime in many ways.

Importance of the Family


I saw the lava on the floor, bubbling and hurling its molting hot liquid from the couch to the coffee table. I could not let it touch me. I pedaled as quickly as my legs let me before taking my hands off the handles to feel the wind rush past me. I needed to fly. I climbed as high as I could on the tree to see how far my enemy’s ship was. I grabbed the broken branch, pointed in no direction, and yelled, “Arrrrrgh!!” I defended my crew.

An Ode to Playfulness

Play Therapy

parent playing with child

If you are a parent, you undoubtedly have heard your fair share of parenting advice (whether solicited or unsolicited). Unfortunately, the advice we encounter is not always helpful. Some say discipline is harmful to children, while others say to rule the home with an iron fist. Some say kids need all the support they can get, while others say it is better to let them figure things out on their own.

Balancing Control with Support: Why “Authoritative” Parenting is Ideal


Is my kid getting worse? : Stages in Play Therapy

Teen Counseling

Raising a child with an ongoing illness can pose many challenges for couples, and the family as a whole. Learning to navigate these challenges in a productive manner is essential for maintaining stability within the family unit, not just with the affected child. Parenting under these circumstances can negatively impact couple relations, the relationships they […]

Parenting a Chronically Ill Child


Whether or not you have children or work as a teacher, without a doubt you are privy to the current struggles and challenges related to the rapidly approaching school year. As the mother of four young children, my husband and I have spent a lot of time lately considering our options, attempting to arrive at […]

The Struggle Is Real: Navigating the Unknown as the School Year Approaches

Childrens Counseling

Understanding the 5 stages of change How do you respond to change?  Do you embrace it with all that you have or do you avoid it at all costs?  Can I be honest with you?  Change is inevitable.  And no matter how good you might think you are at avoiding it or ignoring it, we […]

Overcoming the Fear of Change