When the Outside Doesn’t Match the Inside: Bipolar Disorder

You feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster – instead it’s going in slow motion, the lows are REALLY low, and the highs…MAN are they exhilarating. The Bipolar High! During those highs, you have so much energy. Even with little to no sleep, you feel like you can tackle anything and everything. You [Read more...]

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Evaluation In Marital Therapy: Triangles

Today, we will continue the series on the evaluation and treatment of  marital conflict examining another part of the marital dyad. Triangles, a term coined by Murray Bowen, refers to the idea that a two-person emotional system is unstable. When under stress, partners tend to draw in a third party to stabilize the relationship. Meaning, [Read more...]

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Creating Mindfulness in Motherhood

There are many pressures and responsibilities that fall under the umbrella of motherhood. Dinner. Laundry. Doctor appointments. Grocery shopping. Extracurriculars for the kids. The list goes on and it most likely does not even take into account a mother’s personal or career needs. Motherhood can be pretty exhausting and just plain overwhelming at times. How [Read more...]

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Past, Present, and Future

This month, I want you to focus a little bit more on those things that you have accomplished, those things you are currently working on, and those things you will accomplish in the next several years. When I think about all the areas of my life that I am constantly focusing on, it usually boils [Read more...]

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Weaken Your Inner Critic

“You’re weak... you just made another stupid mistake... you’ll never be good at this… you’re ugly… there’s something wrong with you.”  Does this sound familiar? The inner critic does not criticize based on reality. It is a viewpoint that you have adopted based on destructive early life experiences and attitudes directed toward you that you [Read more...]

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