Breaking Out of that Slump

Several years ago, I bought a book on solution-focused therapy. I found a lot of great techniques that could be utilized by most counselors AND clients. However, there was something in the book that has always held my attention. The authors write an example of an athlete who was battling through the longest slump of [Read more...]

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Creating Mindfulness in Motherhood

There are many pressures and responsibilities that fall under the umbrella of motherhood. Dinner. Laundry. Doctor appointments. Grocery shopping. Extracurriculars for the kids. The list goes on and it most likely does not even take into account a mother’s personal or career needs. Motherhood can be pretty exhausting and just plain overwhelming at times. How [Read more...]

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Past, Present, and Future

This month, I want you to focus a little bit more on those things that you have accomplished, those things you are currently working on, and those things you will accomplish in the next several years. When I think about all the areas of my life that I am constantly focusing on, it usually boils [Read more...]

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Weaken Your Inner Critic

“You’re weak... you just made another stupid mistake... you’ll never be good at this… you’re ugly… there’s something wrong with you.”  Does this sound familiar? The inner critic does not criticize based on reality. It is a viewpoint that you have adopted based on destructive early life experiences and attitudes directed toward you that you [Read more...]

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