Ask a Boring Question, Get a Boring Response.

20 questions to ask our children instead of, “How was your day?” What response do you get when you ask your children how their day was?  Do you get eye rolls? Is a long, drawn out, and dramatic sigh let out? Maybe they just walk away and pretend they didn’t even hear you?  Or maybe [Read more...]

Video Games

I had the pleasure of having dinner with a good friend and his wife. Now, full disclosure, he is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  He is also married with two children. His oldest son was a complete gentleman. He engaged in the conversation and was just completely great to be around. During our conversation, [Read more...]

Self-Care: Spring Cleaning For Your Mind

When you hear the phrase “spring cleaning,” you probably envision the dirt and dust that has accumulated in your living space. You may even imagine a big pile of stuff that you can toss out or donate. The yearly spring cleaning practice follows the belief that if we clean up our external world, then our [Read more...]

Your Spouse Is Inadequate

When I’m working with couples, I often encounter two different mindsets. The first sees them self as an empty vessel waiting to be poured into by their spouse. The second sees them self as a full vessel eagerly waiting to pour into their marriage. This blog addresses the former. This expectation (conscious or subconscious) that [Read more...]

Bottling Up Emotions

I have these glass water bottles that have been quite durable. Please note that my toddler has chunked them across the room and they have not broken before. Then, one Sunday morning, I set the bottle down on the floor by my seat and I heard it crack. I jumped up quickly and noticed a slight [Read more...]

Guilt and Shame: Is it All the Same?

Understanding the difference between guilt and shame The two most confusing emotions I encounter in my sessions are guilt and shame.  I think that it is crucial to know the major differences between them because they're commonly used interchangeably. You have a better chance of overcoming these negative emotions once you understand the difference between [Read more...]

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Your Love Life in the Year of the Pig: Part 1

For most of us, the holiday festivities are long gone and we’re already weeks deep into the new year. For those that celebrate Lunar New Year (a.k.a. Spring Festival and Chinese New Year, though it is observed by numerous Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and more), the biggest event of the year [Read more...]

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Givers, Takers, and Matchers

The best lessons for marriage can sometimes come from resources unrelated to the topic. For example, Adam Grant wrote an intriguing book called Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success. This book is intended for a business audience, but I also believe there are crossover elements for intimate relationships. His theories detail 3 categories of [Read more...]

Beyond Baby Blues

The birth of a child is often a celebrated event. However, this event is followed by an adjustment period for all members of the family, but most especially the new mother. It is common for her to experience a large range of emotions such as happiness, joy, feeling overwhelmed, or even sadness. Feelings of sadness [Read more...]

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Learning to Breathe

Several years ago, I had an accident. I severely injured my back and shoulder. Unfortunately, I was also someone who loved working out. Although I was limited in my movement, I slowly worked my way back up to my routine. Over the next several years, my workout recovery time (probably also due to my age) [Read more...]

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