Build Rituals for Deeper Connection & Intimacy

To start off this month’s blog, I want to ask you an important question. In your everyday life, how much time you do you actually spend with your partner? Not just being around him/her, but actually spending quality time with them and connecting? Compare this to the amount of time you used to spend with [Read more...]

Infidelity Isn’t a Choice: Part 2

So, let’s say a spouse is already in an emotional deficit and has chosen to not have the conversation mentioned in part 1 with their partner. Now, they experience the feeling they’ve identified as missing from their partner with someone else during their day. It’s like a drug. It’s an addictive experience. Author, Karen Young, [Read more...]

Is Sex Last on Your To-Do List?

It’s a common misconception that sex is supposed to be the easy part of marriage. Wouldn’t it be amazing if sex was always carefree and full of pleasure? If there weren't any kind of expectations or negative feelings involved? Unfortunately, I think a small part of each of us believes this is how sex is [Read more...]

How Much Sex Is Normal In A Marriage?

When sex is an issue in a relationship (it more than likely will be in all relationships) I often hear this question… How often should we be having sex? Great question! I’m glad you asked. It’s completely normal to wonder if you are having more or less sex than other couples, but it’s a difficult [Read more...]

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Codependency and Enmeshment

Codependency is a learned conduct that is often passed down through generations. It affects an individual’s ability to have healthy relationships. Relationships that have substance abuse, chronic mental illness, or dysfunctional behaviors are co-dependent.  Enmeshment is very similar to co-dependency. Personal boundaries in a relationship are blurred. An over-concern for others leads to a loss [Read more...]

Newlywed Christmas Traditions

Happy Holidays, friends! Last month, I wrote a blog on how to survive your first Thanksgiving as a married couple If this is also your first Christmas as a married couple, it must be such an exciting time! This time of year is already so full of magic, companionship, and love. If you live in [Read more...]

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Be Kind

“Have courage and be kind.” – Cinderella Life can be stressful. In the midst of deadlines and schedules, we can often forget to be kind to one another. Each of us are battling something that most people know nothing about. Whether it is work stress, family struggles, or health issues, it is important to remember [Read more...]

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How Checking-In Can Save Your Marriage

I don’t know much about planes or how to fly them. However, I could watch a few youtube videos to figure it out. Still, I’ll leave it up to trained pilots to navigate me on a flight. I recently learned something interesting about aviation – the importance of checklists.  From what I understand, every plane [Read more...]

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Newlyweds Guide to Your First Holiday Together

Newlyweds, don’t relax just yet. You are still in for a ride after the wedding day! As you start on the delicate, sometimes frustrating, task of combining you lives, there will be many “firsts” and decisions to make. That includes the sensitive topic of where to spend the first holiday. Yikes! Now, this might be [Read more...]

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Is Your Marriage Child-Centered?

It is difficult to balance nurturing a marriage and the relationship with your kids. I don’t know a couple who doesn’t struggle with this. If you are caught in the child-centered grind, I imagine you’re schedule has become more crowded with child activities.   Disclaimer: I very much believe kids are a blessing and we [Read more...]

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