Are You A Conversational Narcissist?

Naturally, most human beings love to talk about themselves.  It is a pleasurable experience to tell others our interests, hobbies, and what we had for lunch. What if we find ourselves turning every conversation into another story about us? What Is A Conversational Narcissist? Sociologist, Charles Derber, coined the term Conversational Narcissist to describe a [Read more...]

Coping With Grief During The Holidays

I never really understood what it meant to grieve during the holidays until it happened to my own family.  My father had a massive heart attack that took his life just days before Christmas. My entire family was in anguish. From then on, Christmas has never been quite the same.    The holidays bring meaning [Read more...]

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Community of Trust

How to create safety and independence for our children in the world today I recently listened to a podcast called Sorta Awesome. A licensed clinical social worker Leann Gardner ( was interviewed in episode 99 on talking about sex with kids. She discussed a lot of interesting things. One topic was the importance of cultivating [Read more...]

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Let The Fight Happen

Relationships are really great. Whether they are romantic or platonic, finding someone you enjoy being around feels good. You begin to connect on different levels, create inside jokes, and learn that it’s ok to be just as weird in front of them as you are in front of your dog. The “honeymoon” phase floats on [Read more...]

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Back On The Market

Have you recently found yourself single? If you were in a long-term relationship, the dating scene is probably completely different than when you left it. To some, the dating scene is a scary place. There are so many options for dating and finding the mate that you want to spend the rest of your life [Read more...]

What is Pride Month?

  Happy Pride Month! To begin, it is important that I highlight this pride-filled month as a therapist that provides counseling services for the LGBTQ+ community. An overwhelming number of clients start therapy by telling me about experiences that were not accepting of their identity. This brings on feelings of shame, guilt and fear. These [Read more...]

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