Build Rituals for Deeper Connection & Intimacy

To start off this month’s blog, I want to ask you an important question. In your everyday life, how much time you do you actually spend with your partner? Not just being around him/her, but actually spending quality time with them and connecting? Compare this to the amount of time you used to spend with [Read more...]

Harry Potter and Moving Past Biology

“It matters not what someone is born but what they grow to be”- Albus Dumbledore Choice I have talked a lot about choice in this series. I think it is an important part of self-development. Choice is something that we forget about when we are stuck in a depressive rut. I like to think of [Read more...]

Our Daily Trauma Intake

A recent study at Duke University posed an interesting question: what is your daily trauma intake?  Think about it. You wake up, check the news and what is the first thing that you hear or see? Destruction, shootings, death, poverty, war. That is just before breakfast.  You obviously need to know what is going on [Read more...]

Helping Helps

A new year is here and we all have resolutions. These resolutions include a lot of personal goals. For example, being more sociable, getting a better job, or more physically active. We think about the possibilities of life that could benefit us in the present and the future. However, volunteering never crosses our mind. The [Read more...]

New Year, New Me

3 ways to set lasting goals Have you already started working on those New Year's resolutions? Or are you like me and already counting the number of times you’ve totally disregarded the ones you set? (Dr. Pepper is HARD to quit!) The beginning of a new year is typically a popular time to start fresh, [Read more...]

Mindfulness and Resolutions

Like many of you, most of my conversations in the last week or so have been focused on resolutions for 2019. What am I going to change or make better? What am I going to leave behind in 2018? How am I going to be the best I can be? What am I looking forward [Read more...]

Loving Freely

This is a concept that’s hard for people to understand and equally hard to write about. The truth is that most people love in a way that’s comfortable to them. We protect ourselves by letting people get just close enough but not close enough to hurt us. We hide behind layers of ourselves to hide [Read more...]

The Complexities of Nostalgia: Part 1

Throwback Thursday Did you have a social media account years ago? If yes, you are likely being reminded of some of the past events and posts. Apps, like TimeHop, had their debut before fizzling out. However, they were replaced by Facebook's “On This Day" feature. Being only a click away from some of your old [Read more...]

Hello, New Year! Bye-Bye Bad Habits!

It happens every New Year without fail. We always say, “This is going to be MY year!” We make the “spontaneous” decision to reinvent ourselves. Everyone has their resolutions, but sometimes there are things you just don't need to do in the next year. Friends, I sincerely hope that 2019 will be your year, but [Read more...]

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When It Rains, It Pours…

If you can relate to this title, you probably feel like you don’t have time to read through some thought out reasoning for why you should try this or that.  So, I am here to provide you a quick and easy list of things to implement when life just keeps throwing your curve balls. Keep [Read more...]

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