When the Outside Doesn’t Match the Inside: Part Two

Your alarm clock goes off in the morning after a night of restless tossing and turning. You slowly get out of bed and feel “off”. Showering is exhausting, and getting dressed takes so much energy that you’re ready to crawl right back into bed. You think to yourself – “why bother? Nobody is going [Read more...]

5 Things to Consider When Assessing Your Self-Care

When we think of self-care, the most obvious thing to consider is if you are eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep.  Although this is very important to overall self-care, there are several other areas of your life to consider as well. Just like when you are flying on an airplane and it is suggested [Read more...]

What do Pulling Weeds and Therapy have in Common?

I like to bring metaphors into therapy. It is often helpful to relate a client's internal emotions to tangible things that are known concretely. My family was pulling weeds in our backyard and I got to thinking. The work of getting rid of the weeds is a lot like tending to ourselves in therapy.  3 [Read more...]

When the Outside Doesn’t Match the Inside: Part One

Persistent Depressive Disorder You’re the one always smiling and laughing to prove that you’re having fun in the social setting that you forced yourself to go to. You ask yourself, "can people see through my façade?," and feel guilty for possibly pulling them down with you. Maybe joy comes in small waves. However, your [Read more...]

The Cycle of Anger

Have you ever wondered how you can go from zero to thirty on the anger scale in such a short amount of time?  Anger is an undesirable emotional state ranging from mild annoyance to intense rage. Anger may be stimulated by frustration, vocal insult, physical hostility, perceptions of unfairness and injustice, etc. Because anger is [Read more...]

From Roommates to Reconnection

“I feel so disconnected from my partner.” “We have different lives, like passing ships.” “It’s like we’re not even married anymore; we’re just roommates.” I hear these difficult words all too frequently in my work with couples. It is heart-breaking to realize the distance that has grown in your relationship after going through so [Read more...]

Remember Your Success

Does it feel like you’ve been doing your best and making all the right choices, but life is not going in your favor?  It is natural to go through these moments; they happen to everyone! It is important to remember your success in these moments. It’s easy to become discouraged when the times we were [Read more...]

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Why Optimism Matters

“Pessimistic prophecies are self-fulling.” - Martin Seligman, Ph.D. The topic of optimism reminds me of the common quote: “Life is what you make of it.” How one recovers from life events makes a critical impact. My summer reading currently consists of Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life written by Martin [Read more...]

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Strength in Vulnerability

Many of us are plagued with feeling like we are not enough, no matter what we accomplish. It’s easy to become envious of others while feeling you’re falling short; wondering why we don’t deserve success or happiness. Love for ourselves and others can alleviate that deeply rooted worry. What is Love? Love paradoxically seems [Read more...]

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The Sandwich Generation

When my mom became ill after my father died, I did not have a lot of options.  My husband and I decided to move her into our home. We could assist her with costs and care so she could help us with our young children while I went back to graduate school.  Although, as the [Read more...]

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