Family Tradition

Growing up, my favorite holiday tradition was heading to the Hallmark store and picking out a new ornament for the Christmas tree. I still remember the first ornament I got to pick out. It’s a cute little fox standing on its hind legs, holding a golden 1996. I can’t tell you why I picked it, [Read more...]

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Dating Your Spouse on a Budget

Fanning the flame of desire in your marriage doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg it can be fun and stay in budget!  Date nights (or days) are about connection and intimacy, not spending the money you should be paying your light bill with.  Dinner and a movie is great, Netflix and [Read more...]

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Steps to Fighting Fair

Typically, when couples disagree, a calm conversation is all that is needed to find common ground and resolve the situation. After all, contrary to popular belief, it is completely HEALTHY and NORMAL to have disagreements in relationships. In fact, disagreements are necessary in order for you to grow as a couple! But when you or [Read more...]

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