3 Tips on How to Use a Mantra to Shift Your Thinking

“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggonit, people like me!”  If you are an SNL fan, you will recognize these words of affirmation from satirist and comedian, Al Franken on his skit, Daily Affirmation by Stuart Smalley.  They must have used the word “mantra” on the show at some point. Several people referenced the [Read more...]

The Truth About Health Anxiety

Health anxiety, formerly known as hypochondria, is a condition that creates major symptoms of anxiety related to physical, mental, and psychological wellbeing.  It is often described as, “a sensation of being held hostage in your own body.” Health anxiety is a type of anxiety disorder, which can be treated with therapy, specific medications, or both. [Read more...]

Treatment for Infertility: Fostering Hope

Last week marked National Infertility Awareness week: April 21- 27, 2019. For this post, I would like to focus on the solutions for infertility. Fertility treatment looks different for every family. Options should be thoroughly discussed with a qualified healthcare provider. While the outcome may not be clear, I would like to emphasize the importance [Read more...]

Child Abuse Awareness Month

The month of April is Child Abuse Awareness Month.  This is an epidemic that is near and dear to my heart.  I am an advocate for the non-exploitation and safety of children as a counselor and former teacher.  I would like to educate the public on abuse and the lifelong impairment it can have on [Read more...]

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6 Ways to Build Resiliency

Tools to help you to bounce back from life’s challenges. Have you ever noticed that two people can go through situations that are very similar and their ability to cope is different?  This happens in part because of the difference in each person’s ability to be resilient. There are many factors that go into building [Read more...]

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A New Frontier: Pharmaceutical Relief for Postpartum Depression

This is a historic month with regard to a recent breakthrough in the world of Postpartum Depression (PPD). On Tuesday, March 19th, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a drug specifically designed to aid in the relief of PPD. This drug is the first of its kind. It is called, Brexanolone and will be [Read more...]

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Misconceptions of Drug and Alcohol Use

People use drugs and alcohol for many reasons. Some use socially and on occasion. On the flip side, many use to numb life circumstances, stresses, fears, traumas, and more. Issues associated with drug and alcohol use progresses as life does. While people want to believe that using helps them cope, it really just amplifies their [Read more...]

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Gaining Psychological Flexibility Through the Third-Wave of Behavioral Therapy Take a moment and think about your most painful internal experiences. Now, think about the most important values that you hold close to your heart. Is there any relationship between the two? Our most painful experiences and our highest values can often be seen as two [Read more...]

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Psychological Shock

Psychological shock, or mental shock, is a condition in response to a traumatic event. The shock comes from witnessing a traumatic event that induces a strong emotional response within an individual.   Emotional Symptoms -Shock, denial, or disbelief. -Confusion and difficulty concentrating. -Anger, irritability, and mood swings. -Anxiety and fear. -Withdrawing from others. -Feeling sad or [Read more...]

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Self-Care: Spring Cleaning For Your Mind

When you hear the phrase “spring cleaning,” you probably envision the dirt and dust that has accumulated in your living space. You may even imagine a big pile of stuff that you can toss out or donate. The yearly spring cleaning practice follows the belief that if we clean up our external world, then our [Read more...]

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