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These past several weeks have been quite busy for me. I have been working, going to school, and now I’m currently helping an old business friend set up her project management office. Unfortunately, I have also fallen way behind in my workouts. Luckily, we “gained” an hour this week by moving our clocks back. I [Read more...]

Raise Your Standards

This was a beautiful weekend – the sun was out, the wind was cool, and basically it was just a great day to be outside. Despite the great weather, I still found time to get my customary four-mile run in. Unfortunately, a year ago, I was a couple of pounds heavier and always seemed to [Read more...]

Ch-ch-ch-changes…Turn, and Face The Strange.

In the middle of my run yesterday, David Bowie’s, Changes, came on the overhead speakers. I have heard the song a thousand times, but rarely stopped to listen to his words. However, as the song played on, I thought his lyrics were quite appropriate for the month of October. So, in the case of cooler weather in [Read more...]

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Those Attractive Nuisances

I was speaking with a friend the other day about some “nice to haves” in a future house. Being a former collegiate swimmer, she mentioned that she loved the idea of having a pool.  Then, she said, “…but, I also know there is some risk involved with having one.”  Besides being a superior athlete, she [Read more...]

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Stress is Contagious! It’s Contagious!

As a Texan, there is a part of me that is deeply devoted to the fall. For one, it is the end of another brutal summer. Second, it is also the kickoff of the football season. The latter is signified by an HBO show called, “Hard Knocks.” Essentially, cameras go behind the scenes of an [Read more...]

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